Sunday, February 22, 2015

Anywhere But Here

By: Dani Greene
Author: Jessie Crockett
Series: The Sugar Grove Mysteries

Generally, I love living in New Hampshire. The scenery, the pace of life, the beautiful architecture are all so endearing. But this winter the snow has been overwhelming. The lower windows of the farmhouse here at Greener Pastures are completely blocked by snow. Icicles are hanging so low they touch the tops of the snowbanks. The winter's  been so intense here we've even had pheasants at the bird feeders.

I feel restless and like I want to head off to anywhere but here. I think the fact that my mother is off on a Caribbean cruise is only intensifying the feeling. Whenever she calls from a deck chair aboard ship I feel an overwhelming desire to run off to somewhere sunny and warm. Somewhere with palm trees and brightly colored birds.. Some place where I can slip into a bikini rather than long johns and a wooly hat.

Adding insult to injury is all the trouble that has been brewing while my mother's been gone. I've been using the months before sugaring season starts to form an agricultural cooperative with my fellow sugar makers. Unfortunately, even with all the snow, someone has managed to run around sabotaging the sugarhouses owned by many participants of the co-op. With all that's been going on even without the bad weather I would feel like fleeing.

But, I have responsibilities here in Sugar Grove. Even though it feels like spring will never arrive sugaring season is only a few weeks away. So for now I'll have to content myself with bulky sweaters, steaming cups of hot chocolate and binge watching of movies set in warmer climes.

Readers, is the winter making you wish you were anywhere but wherever you are?

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  1. It's a winter wonderland in Threadville today! I'm staying.

  2. I live winter, I truly do! Even though I'm ready for spring to arrive, there's no place I'd rather be than where I am right now! :-)

  3. This winter is making me grateful I am NOT where I used to be. I grew up in Chicago, always bitter winters and this year no exception. Now enjoying current temp of 51 with high to be around 65 in SF Bay area. (We would love to get some rain, though. Even snow if drought continues.)

  4. I'm in the part of the US where I guess winter has forgotten to visit. I feel bad for everyone else. I watch the news and think I'm on a different planet or something.

    So, no. I'm happy where I am this winter.

  5. Yes, this winter is making me wish I were somewhere else. Somewhere where there is snow and cold and it feels lovely to be inside and cozy and warm. I know most people don't understand but I am outnumbered and am spending months in Arizona. I would like to come for a couple of weeks rather than months. But I am trying to make the most of it and am buying cozy mysteries that I can at least read about winter. Sigh!