Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Woman's Place

Cordelia Rank here . . . I just want to say I have absolutely no idea why everyone is so upset with me.  There’s nothing strange about what I did!  Tell me, what’s wrong with organizing a celebration of Mother Earth in the woods at the vernal equinox?  It's a shame, but women are so often ignored in religious heirarchy.  And then to have Pastor Wilson accuse me of promoting paganism.  I mean, really!  How idiotic is that?  
If only those women had followed my instructions to the letter, then absolutely  nothing would have gone wrong.  We would have all had a very pleasant evening.  Granted, it was difficult to generate enough interest in my planned festival.  I really wanted thirteen women including myself, but I had to make do with only seven.  And since I was doing all the hard work, of course I would be High Priestess. 

They were all told to wear their long white robes with garlands of flowers in their hair to welcome the coming of spring.  At least they managed to do that correctly.  The altar was prepared, our May wine had been brewed.  All was in readiness to honor Mother Earth and celebrate the vernal equinox.  

And then that silly woman had to die.  Was that my fault?  No!  Certainly not.  And I have no intention of feeling guilty about it.  I’m sure she died because she simply didn’t follow my instructions. 

See if I go to all the bother next year for a ceremony in the woods to honor Mother Earth!  After all my efforts, isn’t it astounding that the village is so unappreciative of my talents and hard work?  Don’t you agree? 

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  1. Yes,um, well, maybe the village is not quite ready for all your talents and hard work.

    1. Hmm! All I can say is it's their loss! No one truly appreciates my skills, but (sigh) I'm used to that!

  2. Um, well, you did present the instructions for the celebrations which would keep the members safe. So I agree with Willow, the village isn't ready yet.