Monday, March 2, 2015

Amish Quilt Shop coming to Audio!

by Angie Braddock from the Amish Quilt Shop Mystery Series by Isabella Alan

My biographer, Isabella Alan, tells me that the stories she has written about me are coming to audiobook. Can you imagine? You will actually get to hear my voice. I know Isabella—AKA Amanda Flower, the woman has an identity problem… don’t tell her I told you that—is over the moon about it. 

But honestly, I don’t know how I feel. I mean, you will be listening to my inner most thoughts, like what I really think about Sheriff James Mitchell, how much my mother drives me crazy, and do I still have feelings for my ex. It’s a tad embarrassing really. It’s bad enough that Isabella wrote those thoughts down in the first place, but now you will hear them. I cringe to think of it.

Am I right to be a little nervous? What do you think about audiobooks? Do you enjoy them?

Oh, and Isabella insisted that I share the links to purchase the audio versions of the first three books.
(She can be so pushy.)

Murder, Plain and Simple -- audio coming late March 2015
Murder, Simply Stitched-- audio coming late April 2015 
Murder, Served Simply-- audio coming May 2015


Pre-order now:
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  1. I'm old-fashioned. I prefer print books with actual pages that I can turn.

  2. I enjoy books in all formats, each has their own best use. I don't listen to as many audiobooks as I did when commuting to work, but they are perfect for the warm up and cool down sessions at the gym and when taking a long walk.

  3. For nine years I had a 3 hr round trip commute (in good weather). The only thing that kept me sane were audio books especially when bad weather increased that time considerably. Now that I'm retired, I prefer to have a book in hand; however, whenever we make the 5 hr trip to my daughter's home in Michigan, I make sure to stop at the library for audio books before we leave.

    1. I'm the same way. I have to have audio books for travel!

  4. I do enjoy audiobooks! My primary listening time is when I drive to work and back, but my trip is considerably shorter than Susan's! I recently listened to two cozy mysteries and just loved them - with the right narrator, the authors' words come to life!! I would listen to more if they were lower in cost...I do love this series and if I had the opportunity, would love to hear this series. It is one of my favorites and I hope that the Amish Quilt Shop mysteries continues for a long time!! Otherwise, appreciate print or ebooks, whichever is more affordable at the time. Also looking forward to reading The Final Reveille in any format.