Sunday, March 8, 2015

Apparently my author has no idea what day it is

Hi All, Pepper Pomeroy here. Apparently the time change made my author lose track of what day it was. since she is on the west coast most of this day is already over...

Sorry...and I had one all put together.

Here it is:

Hi, Pepper Pomeroy here. I’ve been busy with my new business, Perfect Proposals. Who knew that planning over-the-top wedding proposals could be so much fun? My latest venture includes a guy who wants to propose while sky diving. That was a tough one to figure out. I like to include the friends and family in the proposal and  I knew there wasn’t any way I was going to convince people to jump out of a perfectly good airplane to watch a man propose. My solution ended up being a hit with his family and friends and luckily, she said “yes!”
As for my family, I’m spending my time helping my sister Felicity find the perfect wedding dress. It’s a whole lot harder than it sounds. Felicity is petite and short and most wedding dresses are designed for tall, thin, super models.  The hunt is the opposite of fun for my family. Then our final visit of the day turns into a murder scene when I discover our sales woman dead in the back alley with a knife in her chest.  Talk about putting a damper on the celebration.
Being the big sister means I want to solve all the problems and so I set out to help Felicity find her perfect dress and solve the murder of the dressmaker who had the perfect dress hanging in her sample room.

Oh and I keep a pintrest board of interesting and over the top proposals I’ve found on line. What is the most outrageous proposal you’ve ever heard of?  Leave a comment and I might convince my author to use your idea in a book.



  1. My apologies everyone. Time has slipped away from me this month. Thanks for reading. Cheers, Nancy

  2. I saw on youtube a marriage proposal where the guy had friends (and possibly) family members dance to music before showing up and asking the girl "Will you marry me?" It was actually nicely done and very sweet.

  3. I hadn't seen this but I'm a "Say Yes to the Dress" and mystery junkie so this looks perfect for me!

  4. it was my first husband 11-29-73 I was going to college and still lived at my grandparents house and had a friend over along with my boyfriend and hers well as i was going into the living room he asked me to marry him i laughed went into the room where everyone was and he got on his knee he said with tears coming down i wasn't kidding wow i wet my pants and we married a big wedding 3-9-74 and now we aren't but we were young . We had one girl and she is 39 and holding at a young age unfortunatly but so happy i had her .