Sunday, March 1, 2015

Killer Characters: March Releases!

Don't let those March winds get you down. Spend some time with a great mystery book from Killer Characters!!


Assault and Pepper

Leslie Budewitz

Spice Shop Mysteries

Berkley Prime Crime

ISBN: 978-0425271780

The Agatha Award-winning author of Crime Rib is proud to introduce Pepper Reece, the 

owner of the Seattle Spice Shop who thinks she can handle any kind of salty customer—

until a murderer ends up in the mix.

After leaving a dicey marriage and losing a beloved job in a corporate crash, Pepper Reece 

has found a new zest for life running a busy spice and tea shop in Seattle’s Pike Place 

Market. Her aromatic creations are the talk of the town, and everyone stops by for a cup of 

her refreshing spice tea, even other shopkeepers and Market regulars. But when a 

panhandler named Doc shows up dead on the store’s doorstep, a Seattle Spice Shop cup in 
his hand, the local gossip gets too hot for Pepper to handle—especially after the police 

arrest one of Pepper’s staffers, Tory Finch, for murder.

Tory seems to know why she’s a suspect, but she refuses to do anything to curry favor with

the cops. Convinced her reticent employee is innocent, Pepper takes it on herself to sniff out

some clues. Only, if she’s not careful, Pepper’s nosy ways might make her next on the 

killer’s list.

Book 4 in the Devereaux's Dime Store Mysteries

March Release

Denise Swanson
Dying for a Cupcake
Devereaux's Dime Store Mysteries
ISBN: 978-0451418890

When Devereaux “Dev” Sinclair hosts a cupcake contest at her five-and-dime store, she discovers that someone is just dying to win...

Kizzy Cutler finds it so delicious to be back in her hometown of Shadow Bend, Missouri, that she seems 

to have forgotten why she fled twenty years ago. For now, she’s excited to kick off her new line of 

cupcakes with a competition, which Dev has agreed to host in her shop. But before the first yummy 

cupcake is even baked, Kizzy's assistant Fallon dies from a mysterious ailment.

While the medical examiner attempts to discover what killed Fallon, Kizzy declares that the show must 

go on. However after Kizzy escapes several near misses, Dev is convinced that someone in Shadow 

Bend has it in for the Cupcake Queen. Is the secret from her past so dark someone still wants to kill her for it?

With a list of not-so-sweet suspects, Dev’s in a race against the timer to solve the murder before 

someone else gets iced…

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