Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sheila Rogers: Million Year List

By Sheila Rogers
The Cumberland Creek Mystery Series
Book 4: A Crafty Christmas
By Mollie Cox Bryan
I never participate in any of those other lists games on an social media sites. A bucket list? Who has time when you have four kids, a house to clean, scrapbooks to make, and business ti run? Sometimes I want to run screaming from all of the list makers and senders out there—and, oh, those gamie invitations on Facebook!  But I saw that Annie Chamovitz came up with a "Million Years List"  a few months back and I thought it would be fun to do one of my own. Here’s my contribution to the popular “Million Years List” that some bloggers are doing. 

Never in a million years did I think I would: 
1.     Win a national design contest and get to go on a scrapbooking cruise for free.
2.     Trip over a dead body during my morning run.
3.     Get hired by a design company in New York city.
4.     Help to track down a killer.
5.  Tell my husband to put away his gun.

If that doesn't ignite your curiosity about my life, I don't know what will. Wink. 

What might be on your list?

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  1. Hi Mollie and Sheila! Getting caught up this morning on my email and blog reads. I do have a "bucket list". I've never ridden a horse in my 66 years, so that is on my list as well as hang gliding. My kids say I'm nuts at my age to have a desire to jump off the top of a mountain and float around in mid-air, but, I think it will be a hoot when I finally get to do it! My DH is helping me fulfill two of my other things on my bucket list in the near future: a trip to the Grand Canyon and to the Redwoods (I like to go!).