Saturday, April 18, 2015

Biscuit Speaks

by Biscuit, Carrie Kennersly's dog in the Barkery & Biscuits Mysteries by Linda O. Johnston

Hello.  My name is Biscuit.  I'm a dog, part of Carrie Kennersly's family.  She's the person whose stories are about to be told in the Barkery & Biscuits Mysteries.    I'm told the first one, BITE THE BISCUIT, will be published in May. 

I'm not sure I follow any of that.  What I do know is that Carrie is absolutely wonderful!  I don't want to get into my life before we met, but she brought me home a while ago from Mountaintop Rescue, an animal shelter in our town of Knobcone Heights, California, and we've been close ever since.   

We live in a house there along with Carrie's brother Neal, who always calls me "Bug."  I'm not a bug.  Like I said, I'm a dog, and people say I'm a mix between those they call toy poodles and those they call terriers.  I'm gold in color, and my fur is fuzzy.   

Up till recently, Carrie only worked as a veterinary technician at the clinic where she takes me if I'm sick or she says I need shots.  I also spend time there at the doggy daycare place at the back when she's on duty. 

She's not on duty there as much now as she used to be, though.  Part of the reason she got into trouble is that she bought her friend Brenda's bakery called Icing on the Cake, since Brenda had to sell the place and go take care of her sick mama.  And the really fun part?  Carrie turned half of it into Barkery and Biscuits, a very special bakery that makes dog treats!  Carrie worked out the healthy and tasty recipes as a vet tech, and now she bakes them and sells them so any dog can enjoy them.   

The other fun part?  I'm allowed to hang out in the Barkery all the time when Carrie is working at the shops.  Supposedly it would be unhealthy for humans if I spent time in Icing, or in the kitchen for both shops, but I have a really nice, roomy crate that's open at the top where I can stay when I'm not loose in the Barkery.  And there's a really great town square across the street where Carrie can take me for walks.  It smells good.  Lots of other dogs visit there, too.  

Not everything is wonderful with our new arrangements, though.  There are some very nice humans in this town who come to Carrie's opening party, but some nasty ones, too. A couple of them, people she calls Myra and Harris Ethman, own their own pet store and give my poor Carrie a hard time by claiming she competes with them with her inferior stuff.  First of all, her stuff is definitely not inferior to anything.  And second, what she sells in the Barkery is home-made and really different from the foods those Ethmans sell. 

I'm always there to support my Carrie, especially when that awful Myra dies and Carrie is accused of killing her.  I know she didn't do it, even though one of our Barkery biscuits is left near Myra's body. 

Anyway, her story--our story--is worth reading, even though I don't know how to read.  But I'm her friend and protector and treat-sampler.  Why don't you stop by our stores and buy people treats for you and dog treats for your best friend? 

BITE THE BISCUIT, the first Barkery & Biscuits Mystery by Linda O. Johnston, will be a May 2015 release from Midnight Ink. 


  1. You'll be most welcome, Sally-Forth and Tally-Ho!

  2. I think the Barkery sounds like a wonderful place! I wish we had one around here!

    1. Maybe you can convince my human, Carrie Kennersly, to franchise them!

  3. Loved this book and can't wait for series to continue.
    Good mystery.