Monday, April 20, 2015

Nonni Merano Speaks Her Mind


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Krista Davis

Nonni: Coco! Coco! Krista Davis wants me to blog. What is this blog?"

Coco: It's a social media thing, Nonni. You tell them something about yourself or about the book we're in.

Nonni: You help me? I make espresso, and we have chocolate walnut zucchini cake. Yes?

Coco: Sure. I'll get my laptop. What do you want to say?

Nonni: We still have family problem with this Natasha woman?

Coco: Yes. I'm working on it.

Nonni: Then I like to say this Natasha is not nice person.

Coco: You can put your hand down. If only that would really ward off the evil eye.

Nonni: You write this. No one should believe this Natasha.

Coco: What else?

Nonni: Tell them I am Maria Theresa Merano, mother of Joseph Merano but everybody just call me Nonni. What you typing so much?

Coco: Sorry, I was just helping you.

Nonni: We celebrating 60 years of Amore Chocolate, which I create with my husband. Again you type so much.

Coco: Go on.

Nonni: We having big chocolate tasting celebration at Joe's house so everybody can try new recipes using Amore Chocolate. I invite everybody to come!

Coco: Anything else?

Nonni: Tell them I am proud of my son, Joe. He was just a little boy when we came here from Italy and opened our first store.

Coco: I can't imagine Dad sweeping the floors when he was a kid. This espresso is perfect. I like the chocolate walnut zucchini cake, too. It's so moist. New recipe?

Nonni: From the new Amore cookbook.

Coco: It's a keeper. Here's what your blog will look like.

In celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of Amore Chocolate, Nonni and Joe Merano are hosting a chocolate tasting at their home in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Tickets are free and being given away through radio stations, contests, and the Amore Chocolate retail stores. Please join us for this chocoholic delight!

Nonni: I blog pretty good! Is one mistake.

Coco: What? Where? I don't see a mistake.

Nonni: I invite everyone except evil Natasha woman.

Coco: Oops! Too late. Already sent.


  1. Love your blog Nonni! The chocolate walnut zucchini cake sounds delicious.
    I hope everything works out (with Natasha) for you and Coco.

    1. I thank you, Jen. I hope also that all works out with this Natasha.

  2. A new Diva book and chocolate....what could be better! Kuzlin at

    1. Lots of chocolate, Kuzlin! I like chocolate, too!

  3. I'm going to make certain I have lots of chocolate on hand before I start reading the book.

    1. You have a garden, no? You try Walnut Zucchini cake. Is very good.

  4. I can't wait to try the walnut zucchini cake! Thank goodness this book comes out during zucchini season, though I think I still have some shredded zucchini in my freezer from last season...

    1. Time to use up your zucchini, Linda! And what better way than with chocolate? ; )

  5. I'll take one of those tickets off your hands! See you at the Chocoholic Delight!