Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Temporary Misplacement

by Bertie James, Director of the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library from the Lighthouse Library series by Eva Gates

Oops.  We seem to have temporarily lost one of the priceless Jane Austen first editions our library has on loan for the summer.  Yes, Sense and Sensibility has gone missing. Only temporary, I am sure.

I think… I hope…

First, Mr. Uppiton, the chair of the library board is murdered in our own rare books room, and now a priceless book has been stolen.  At first we thought the book had merely been misplaced. But Lucy, Ronald, Charlene and I searched every nook and cranny (I believe someone even looked in Charles’s cat food bag). Not a sign of it.  We’re insured, thank goodness, but if we can’t return the full set the reputation of this library will be mud.  

Excuse me a minute, Lucy is knocking on my office door. “What is it?”

Pride and Prejudice, did you take it?”

“Don’t tell me….”

“It’s not there.”

And so it wasn’t. Another book temporarily misplaced. We’ll be ruined if word gets out about this.  
Hum, I have an idea.

Bertie James runs the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library in Nags Head. North Carolina.  She does an excellent job of it, most of the time.  

The first book in the Lighthouse Library series, By Book or By Crook is now available, and Booked for Trouble will be released on September 1.  Meet Eva at and


  1. I hope you find Sense and Sensibility soon (though it sounds as if someone has stolen it).

  2. This series is off to a terrific start! Looking forward to Booked for Trouble.

  3. Not long before I can get "Booked for Trouble"!

  4. Thanks for your comments! I'm excited about Booked for Trouble too!

  5. I hope those books turn up soon, and undamaged...