Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Have You Ever Been A Wedding Attendant?

by Leslie Armstrong of Killer Wedding Cake by Gayle Trent

This is my first time being a wedding attendant. I'm going to be a junior bridesmaid at my Aunt Daphne's wedding to Ben Jacobs. My twin brother Lucas is going to be a junior groomsman. I don't think he's as excited about it as I am.

In the movies and on T.V., all the women complain about their ugly bridesmaid dresses. I think if the bride makes you wear an ugly dress, then she doesn't love you. Lucas says some brides have their friends wear ugly dresses in order to make themselves look better. Aunt Daphne is beautiful, and she loves me. So my dress is gorgeous! I'm excited about wearing a long dress. Mom says we can cut it off later so I can wear it to church and stuff, but I want to keep it long. I'll be in high school next year, and I might want to wear it to a dance or something.

Mom's dress is really pretty, too, by the way. She's the maid of honor. Her dress is a little different from mine, but they're the same color and enough alike not to look weird.

My dad is being the best man. I think Ben initially wanted to have his dad be the best man, but he lives too far away to fulfill all the duties of a best man.

Did you know wedding attendants have duties? We don't just stand up there at the front of the church and look good on the big day. Mom and I threw Aunt Daphne a bridal shower about a month ago, and I helped address the wedding invitations. Dad is hosting Ben's bachelor party, and Lucas.... Well, I'm not sure what Lucas is doing. Probably as little as possible. Oh, wait, he did insist that every other layer of  the wedding cake be chocolate! So that's good thinking. I have to give him credit sometimes.

Of course, Aunt Daphne is making the cake. I know it'll be great. She's all stressed out right now, though. I thought it was just because the wedding is super close. But then I heard Mom and Dad talking almost in whispers about Aunt Daphne's ex-husband--our Uncle Todd, who Lucas and I do not claim whatsoever because he shot a gun at Aunt Daphne!--got out of prison. He'd better leave all of us alone. If he ever tries to hurt her again, Lucas will punch him in the nose and I'll kick him in the shins while I'm calling the police! We're not afraid of that old bully!

I told Lucas what I overheard, and he said Mom and Dad were worrying over nothing and that I was too. I decided to believe him and quit worrying. Aunt Daphne deserves her happy day, and nothing is going to ruin it. Right?

Killer Wedding Cake will be available on August 4, 2015! Please visit Gayle's website to watch the book trailer.


  1. You're right, Leslie, nothing should ruin Aunt Daphne's wedding!

  2. The dresses sound pretty! I hope the day goes well!

  3. Glad to hear there will be another one out soon! I was wondering if there'd be more but hadn't seen mention of the next one when I looked on Amazon. Haven't read the previous one but I own it. I've read the three before that. I also love the Amanda Lee series.