Saturday, May 16, 2015

It’s a Tea Party for Auntie KiKi

A Bon Voyage Tea Party
Duffy Brown

Reagan Summerside here from the Consignment Shop Mystery series.  I’m having a Bon Voyage Tea Party for my dear Auntie KiKi. She and Uncle Putter have booked a whirlwind trip to Europe. To make sure Auntie KiKi does not forget us back here in Savannah I’m serving up some true Southern dishes that are the favorites of her best friends.
Invitations: I’m inviting ten of Auntie KiKi’s closest friends.
I went to VistaPrint where they have great invitations for a Tea Party or for a Bon Voyage themed party. They are inexpensive and I can get them quick. I just plug in the information I what on the invitations and the work is done for me.  

I also want everyone to teach Auntie KiKi how to say “Hello” and “Good-by” and “I live in Savannah” in one European language to get into the spirit of the party…and in case my dear auntie gets lost someone will get her back to us. I’ll put this information on the invitation as well.

Decorations: Places like Party Cheap online has international picks to stick in my little sandwiches and matching plates to give the party a Bon Voyage flair. I’ll get little toy airplanes and put them around the red, white and blue flower arrangement for the center of the table and the buffet table.

I’ll use a white tablecloth and white napkins tied with red and blue ribbon and a little  international flags stuck into the bow,

I have two teapots and will borrow six more and serve up eight international teas from around the world. I’ll buy ten different and adorable cups and saucers for the guests to use at the party and they can then take them home as a Thank You gift for coming to the party and as a remembrance. I’ll have the tea at the buffet table with little cards stating the type of tea and food on the table to be passed once everyone is seated.

I like music when guest arrive and the theme being international I’ll play something Italian, French and Spanish. To get things started off on the right foot when the guests arrive everyone gets one of Auntie KiKi’s signature martinis listed below.

So are you a tea party fan? Have you ever gone to one? Had one of your very own? Do you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share?


  1. I have never been to a tea party but it looks like fun! :)

  2. Yum! The whole crew from Threadville is about to hop aboard a bus and join you.

  3. I have been to quite a few tea parties and hosted a few myself, and my special ones were at Christmas. When held in December in New England, it is one way to warm you both body and mind. I combined my tea parties then with tons of tea sandwiches, a little hardier than those in the summer, with lobster salad (we live in New England) and chicken salad and I filled filo cups with potato salad too, even though it was winter time. I love to serve food in serving spoons for tasting and so that was part of my tea service long before tasting in spoons was a big hit nationally. I made mini pecan pies/tarts for the tiered dessert platters, along with lemon bars, cherry cheesecake miniatures and apple tarts glacee' and not only served a variety of tea but also hot mulled apple cider. In the summer time, I would serve lemonade and punch as well as tea, but in New England in cold weather, warm drinks are welcomed.

    I wish I were able to get to YOUR tea party. Sounds fantastic, Duffy.

    Cynthia B

  4. l've attended several teas and they are fun.

  5. I lovelovelove tea parties! I always like to serve water too - and I make a lovely cucumber and lemon water. I like having tiny little sandwiches (all on really good bread) - ham salad, mini blt's made with mini tomatoes, goat cheese and cucumber, cambezola melts with cracked pepper and chilled avocado... and of course home made scones, with real jam and clotted cream - not to mention lemon curd! There are so many yummies that are tea party appropriate. I wish I could post one of my pictures... For the invites - here is your French = Bonjour and au revoir + Je vis à Savannah en Géorgie - vous savez, tous aux États-Unis. That last sentence is the equivalent of "I live in Savannah in Georgia - y'all know, in the US" And saying it that way is not bad because the French are a major influence on speaking patterns in the South. However - for Italian = ciao and arrivederci + Io vivo a Savannah in Georgia - negli Stati Uniti. I just changed it to in the US.

  6. I have never attended a tea party although I have had the pleasure of visiting the Tea Room at the Huntington Library (I love those little sandwiches, just my size). I am looking forward to reading about how Walker Boone gets out of the tight spot he's in, "Demise in Denim" is near the top of my massive TBR mountain! Thanks for the lovely pictures, and one can't help wondering what Reagan is going to do without her partner in crime (I mean, fellow investigator, lol)?

  7. Last summer,, while traveling in Ireland, my daughter and I joined another mother and daughter in our tour group for high tea at the Ashford Castle. It was so lovely. The tiny sandwiches and sweets were Devine. We each chose a different flavor tea. The table was set with four teapots and cups and sauces all different, but you could mix and match the service. The young girls really enjoyed talking to our very handsome young waiter. It was a very special tea party, one my daughter and I will never forget.

  8. My sister and I used to have tea parties with our little tea set. The tea was more milk than tea but it was very good and a lot of fun. My mother made them special for us.