Monday, June 22, 2015

By Dani Greene
From : A Sticky Situation
By: Jessie Crockett
Series: The Sugar Grove Mysteries

Summer is the quiet season at the sugarhouse. Winter is filled with sugar making activities like tapping trees and boiling down sap into syrup. Spring is about evaluating those jobs and thinking through ways to improve things for next year. In the fall we work on the website and prepare for holiday orders.

But summer, that's for relaxing. It's for taking a dip at the lake, reading in a treehouse perched up in a single oak in the midst of the sugar bush, gobbling a double scoop maple praline ice cream cone before it melts. I even like to find the time to visit North Conway to hike up a mountain or do some outlet shopping.

While winters seem to last forever, summers come late and don't stay long here in New Hampshire but we sure do enjoy them while they last. With so many beautiful places to camp, hike and swim it can be hard to cram in all the fun.  If you've never been to visit the Granite State I hope you'll put it on your list of places to see and be sure to stop by Greener Pastures for some syrup to take home.

Readers, which things do you wait all year to do come summer? 

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  1. Granite State sounds delightful!

  2. It's so lovely here that tourism is one of our biggest industries.

  3. I'd love to go hiking with you, Dani...

  4. This summer we passed through a small part of New Hampshire on our way to Bar Harbor, Maine. I had never been that far east before and I have always wanted to go to the coast of Maine. I loved it! Next year we may try to see more of Vermont and New Hampshire. But I did find a geocache in New Hampshire, as well as some in Maine, so I added new states to my finds. I need to get this book! One of these days...

  5. I wait all year to visit the smokey mountains in the summertime because we can stay out with daylight until nearly 9:00 p.m.!!