Sunday, June 7, 2015

Reading anything different these days?

by Lizzie Turner from Erika Chase's Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries.

In case you didn’t know, one of the fun things that our author provides at the end of each of the four Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries is a reading list for each of the book club members. If you do know and have been tracking it, you’ll quickly discover our reading preferences.

For instance, Molly Mathews loves anything by or like Agatha Christie, so the more traditional style whereas Bob Miller thrives on police procedurals. Not surprising, since he was the police chief at one point.  Sally Jo Baker is tending to read more cozies with a wedding theme these days. Hmm, wonder why? And Jacob Smith, well he’s on top of the latest in legal thrillers. Stephanie Lowe started out with the romantic cozies and seems happy with them and Andie Mason lives and breathes Janet Evanovich and some of the witchy, fantasy lines.

As for me, I’m a cozy reader all the way, except when I’m not. Like now, in between books for book club, I’m reading a mystery by Martin Walker set in France. It’s the third in the Bruno series and I’m loving the mixture of small village charm, a heavy dose of the French love of food and wine, and a puzzling mystery that keeps the local cop on his sleuthing toes.

I love cozies, especially since I appear in one. But it’s really good to read outside your favorites every now and then. Although, I admit that the Walker books aren’t that far astray. Not like I’m reading a Dexter crime novel! But back to my main thought. I think it gives you a better appreciation of what you tend to go with as a first choice.

Do you agree? What have you been reading lately that’s outside the cozy genre?

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  1. Hi Lizzie, we are reading THE READERS OF BROKEN WHEEL RECOMMEND, about a Swedish woman who comes to a small town in Iowa and starts a bookstore, by accident:). Love Hayley

    1. Good to know, Hayle. Sounds like something I'll enjoy. Thanks!

  2. I often read cozies, but I recently branched out and read SKELETON HILL by Peter Lovesey. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love British crime writers!

  3. I just finished "The Girl on the Train". Not exactly a cozy, that's for sure!