Sunday, June 28, 2015

Scrapbook Expo! Wow!

 By Sheila Rogers
The Cumberland Creek Mystery Series
Book 4.5: Scrappily Ever After
By Mollie Cox Bryan

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From time to time, we hear these nasty little rumors that scrapbooking as a hobby is dead. Let me assure you that it isn't. I used to say that scrapbooking is changing, not dying. Digital scrapbooking was all the rage—but I think we're beginning to see a bit of backlash.

At the Scrapbook Expo this year in Chantilly, Va., the floor was filled with paper products—and people were scooping them up. The annual scrapbook show seems to have doubles from last year. There were classes, hands-on activities, and plenty of "make and takes."

Excitement was in the air as people learned about new techniques and found some fabulous deals (yes I DID get a little shopping in.) Hats off to the FAB-u-lous organizers of Scrapbook Expo.

I'm sharing some photos I snapped with you. Does this look like a dead hobby?



  1. Scrapbooking and card making are very alive in our house! Our daughters have even introduced our 5 year old granddaughter to both.

  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun!