Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Up in Flames

Hey y’all! Coop McCall, here. I’m told that some of you have requested another blog from me so here goes. To recap, I’m the new fire chief in Shadow Bend, Missouri, but I’m originally from a small town in Georgia. I joined the Marines right out of high school, which is where I got my fire protection training, and I’ve been working in Kansas City since I separated from the corps.

As I mentioned last time, I was expecting to be a might bored with small town firefighting, but boy howdy was I wrong. Some idiot tried to burn down the dime store during the Cupcake Weekend and I’ve been busting my tail ever since. Although, I’m not too worried that we have a firebug running loose in Shadow Bend, I’m taking a crack at helping Devereaux Sinclair find whoever is running around trying to kill off the Cupcake Queen.  

At first, Dev seemed a might icy, but I think I’m winning her over. She’s promised to cooked dinner at my place and I’m going to lay on the southern charm. She says she’s not interested in another man in her life, but I figure if the other two guys can’t hogtie this honey, it’s my duty to throw my hat in the ring. I purely love competition, so doing battle for a girl’s affections didn’t scare me one little bit.

Dev keeps trying to throw other women in my path. Although Poppy Kincaid may be gorgeous—she looks like fairy princess—she scares the living daylights out of me. That girl dresses like she’d enjoy inflicting some serious pain, and no way, no how am I into that kind of kinky stuff.

Now that pretty owner of the local B&B, Ronni Ksiazak seemed friendly, but I’m not sure that there are any sparks flying between us. And you know us firefighters, we need to feel the blaze.

Hmm. Maybe I should give my old friend, Mitch Starr a jingle. He’s the captain of a cruise ship and knows how to handle difficult ladies.

Still, life in Shadow Bend is turning out to be just what I’ve been looking for—beautiful women, friendly town folks, and a great job. Now if we can just find out who has it in for the Cupcake Queen, this place might be just about perfect.

You can read more about Coop’s adventures, in Dying for a Cupcake, the 4th book in the Devereaux’s Dime Store series, published by Penguin. Amazon

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  1. Coop, I wish you luck in winning Dev!

  2. Shadow Bend sounds like a great place for singles...

  3. I like Coop, I think he should go after Dev and scare the cop away. The doctor is fine. So I say it's the fire chief and the doc trying to win Dev's heart.