Monday, July 20, 2015

A Cat's Work Is Never Done


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Krista Davis

Around here, people always comment on what a good life I have. They seem to think I sleep all the time. Apparently, they're not aware of all the things I have to do around here.

Old Town Alexandria is a great place to live. My house is a couple of hundred years old. You know what that means. Mice. I patrol every day to make sure those little buggers stay out of my house!

And then there's the special lap I have to sit on. I purr as loud as I can for her because I know it means so much to her. Some people need extra attention. Sometimes we sit outside in the sunshine in the garden. That's my personal jungle. It's not very jungle-like but there are trees to climb and bushes where I can hide and spy on people. There's a very high brick wall encircling the jungle, er, garden. Up until now, I have never thought it necessary to explore on the other side of the wall. I have enough to do around here.

But when my other favorite person didn't come home, I knew I had to find him. Something wasn't right. I'm a pretty big cat, I guess, compared to some of the other ones I've met since I left the garden. I'm a Maine Coon, but as far as I can tell, I'm small potatoes out here among the cars and people. Maybe I did have it good back at my house. It's tiring running the streets at night in search of Joe. I've even had to eat out of the trash behind a fish restaurant. I hope I find him soon.


  1. I hope you found Joe safe and sound.

  2. Meow! We think you are very brave. We would never go anywhere without our person or our cat-herding dog. You should go home to your other person and wait for Joe where you can be safe, comfy, and fed.

  3. I would never leave that backyard myself, but I hope you make it back very soon. How distressing!