Friday, July 17, 2015

It's a Mystery

by Sally-Forth and Tally-Ho from SEVEN THREADLY SINS by Janet Bolin

Sally-Forth: I love running on the beach with you and our human, Willow.

Tally-Ho: Me, too, but I don't see why we have to wear our leashes. We're always good!

Sally-Forth: Actually, I'd like to chase something.

Tally-Ho: Me, too! Let's bite the waves!

Sally-Forth (shaking head to toe) That was fun, but those waves are predictable. They just keep coming one by one, then they mysteriously disappear.

Tally-Ho: We chased them away!

Sally-Forth: Birds are more fun. Where are those long-legged ones that tease us and float just out of our reach, you know, those squawky, mostly white ones?

Tally-Ho: (searches the horizon) I don't know. I think Willow calls them sea gulls, but this isn't a sea, it's Lake Erie.

Sally-Forth: Well, I don't see any.

Tally-Ho: (hip-checks her) Ha, ha, very funny. This is serious. I've hardly seen any all summer.

Sally-Forth: We're always helping Willow solve mysteries. Maybe she'll help us solve this one.

Tally-Ho: Let's tell her. C'mon, turn around and we'll bark at her together!

You can read about how Tally-Ho and Sally-Forth help Willow discover villains in the Threadville Mystery Series. The latest one is SEVEN THREADLY SINS. Read an excerpt here.

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  1. Sally-Forth and Tally-Ho, you are both beautiful dogs and very helpful to Willow. I look forward to reading more about your adventures.

  2. Willow so lucky to have you two! I hope she appreciates you and gives you lots of treats.

    1. Woof! We're not sure she gives us enough treats, but she seems to worry about something called "fat", especially in Sally...

  3. You are very cute and very smart just like your creator. And a lot like me, even though I'm not a dog. Hope you find out where all the sea gulls have gone.

    1. Woof! Aww, thanks! Could they be raising babies right now? We see some, but not nearly enough for a really good chase.