Saturday, July 18, 2015

More About Veterinary Medicine in Knobcone Heights, California


by Dr. Reed Storme, veterinarian at the Knobcone Heights Veterinary Clinic, featured in the Barkery & Biscuits Mysteries by Linda O. Johnston


Hi, everyone.  This is Dr. Reed Storme.  My boss Dr. Arvus Kline blogged here last month.  We both work at the Knobcone Heights Veterinary Clinic, where Carrie Kennersly, previously a full-time veterinary technician here, is now working part time.  She also owns Icing on the Cake, selling baked goods for people, and Barkery and Biscuits next door, where she sells dog treats made from recipes she developed while at our clinic. 

I've only lived in Knobcone Heights a short while but really like the place, most particularly the veterinary clinic where I work.  That may be because of its great location and facilities and the other vets there, especially Arvie.  But I have to admit that having Carrie around helps a lot, too--and I don't mean only her help with the animals.

Hey, I know we don't really have a relationship.  In fact, I gather that Carrie also has some other guys interested in her, which is no surprise, and she may be interested in them as well.  I get it.  But I'm not going to back away from seeing her as often as I can--which admittedly is less now that she has her two stores to run. 

I particularly enjoy when my Belgian Malinois Hugo and I get together with Carrie and her toy poodle-terrier mix Biscuit.  We're clearly both animal-people and our dogs get along just fine. 

I was there at the grand opening of Carrie's stores when she, and they, were insulted by Myra Ethman.  And when Carrie was later accused of killing Myra... well, I knew that someone who cares so much for life, whether animal or people, couldn't have done it. 

Anyway, I hope to get to know Carrie even better as time goes on.  And I hope she keeps working at the clinic so I can see her often.

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  1. Hey, if her dog likes your dog, there's a good chance for you. Hang in there, Dr. Storme!