Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summertime Fudge

Hi, I'm little dog. My mommy writes The Candy Coated Mystery series and based the character Mal on me. I'm not certain how I feel about that. It means Mal is more famous than me and I'm not certain if I like that too much. Personally, I think there should be a little dog series, but that's just me.

And what is with the fudge? Dogs can't eat chocolate. My mommy says that dogs can eat white chocolate so I can have a tiny piece of white fudge with sprinkles. Personally, I prefer pink fudge. Pink is my favorite color.

We just had the fourth of July happen. It's the time when humans celebrate with loud scary noises. Why do they do that? The noises make them oooh and ahhhh. Humans are very strange. I think Mal will agree with me on that. Recently I've met a couple of cats named Bailey and Clemson. For the most part they are okay for cats. Mal has a new cat friend as well. Her name is Carmella. So Mal and I are learning that cats are an okay sort just a little moody. Mommy says enough about me. Here is a white chocolate fudge recipe with sprinkles to help you celebrate summer now that the booming has stopped.

Easy White Chocolate Fudge

1/4 cup melted butter
1 (14oz) can of sweetened condensed milk
3 cups of white chocolate chips- be sure you use real white chocolate many of the white chocolate chips on the market today aren't really made with cocoa butter. These will do in a pinch but the flavor is not the same.
1/8 tsp of almond extract
Red white and blue sprinkles or stars to taste

Place melted butter, sweetened condensed milk and chocolate in a microwavable bowl. Cook on high no more than 3-5 minutes. Check regularly as all you want is for the chocolate to melt- sometimes the chips will hold their shape so remove every 30 seconds and stir. Once it's all melted, stir in almond extract. Pour into an 8x8 inch pan that has been lined with foil and buttered. Add sprinkles to the top. Refrigerate until set. Cut into 1 inch pieces and enjoy!

Leave a comment if you have a pet who likes the weird booming noises or if your pet agrees with me that it isn't that much fun to ooh and aaah. Also pick up "Oh Say Can You Fudge" the 3rd in the Candy Coated series from Kensington for a fun July read at a bookstore near you.


  1. While I like the ooh and aaah, my little fur baby doesn't enjoy it at all. I rubbed her tummy to keep her calm.

  2. Not that my sometimes tubby beagle needs chocolate, but I never thought about the fact that white chocolate wouldn't be 'bad' for them. Looking forward to the new book, love the cute cover, perfect for July!

  3. Woof. We do not like those scary noises! The cats we live with haven't noticed. Maybe they will when they're older?

  4. We have a sweet Bichon, also!!! I can't wait to go to the bookstore and pick up this series!! How did I miss it? My sweet baby doesn't like loud noises, either, but she's also lost almost all of her hearing so she doesn't hear the boom of thunder or fireworks anymore, thank goodness. I LOVE the book cover!

  5. What a beautiful face! I know my girls (two kitties that passed away and the two kittles I that now share my life with) would be thrilled to be the subject of a book.
    My girls would think you are very lucky to be a star.
    I always wondered? Does your mommy get your approval before she submits her work? And what about royalties? And would you have a say in who played you in a movie adaption? There is so much to think about when you are famous.

  6. I don't have pets but I totally agree with you! I hate the booms! I was home with my sleeping grandson because my husband, daughter and 5 year old grandson had gone out on the boat to watch fireworks at the next lake. The neighbors here decided it was a good idea to set off some very loud fireworks after dark. I had to sneak into the room where the grandson was sleeping and close the windows and hope he didn't wake up. He didn't but those loud booms sure annoyed me!

  7. My cats and dogs do not think the noises are fun at all! The poor things cower in fear. I was hoping there would not be many booms this year since a majority of fireworks are illegal in our county (the kind people can buy not the big show). I did not count on determined neighbors! Thank you for your wonderful books! Have a great week!

  8. Thanks for the letter Little Dog and recipe. I love Fudge and I love your books your mommy writes. I think you are very beautiful and just as white and fluffy as Mal. Thanks again.

  9. My dog didn't like it at all. He stayed so far under my chair I thought he was going to become part of it. Your books are so awesome. I have really enjoyed reading them.

  10. You had me at "fudge," little dog. And Quincy, the Fat Cat detests firecrackers! They're not fun for animals.