Friday, July 3, 2015

Time's at a Premium

Cam Flaherty here, and am I ever busy. The life of a solo organic farmer in a Massachusetts summer doesn't leave much leisure time, so forgive me if I make this short.

The growing season is pretty short, too. Thank goodness for my high tunnel. It gave me a head start of one of everybody's favorite crops, tomatoes. I planted the seedlings into the ground in the spring. Now that the weather has turned hot, I roll up the sides and let 'er ripen! With any luck I'll have some juicy heirloom tomatoes ready before the other growers at the Farmers' Market.

A long row of  basil is looking good, too, and can't you just taste that Insalata Caprese? You know, stacks of tomato slices, local mozzarella, and basil, all drizzled with your best olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

I just hope I don't run into any bodies this summer. Getting mixed up in that murder last winter at my great-uncle's assisted living residence was enough excitement for a lifetime. Did I want to get stuck outside in a blizzard? I sure didn't.

Read all about it in Farmed and Dangerous! You'll meet Marilyn Muller, Great-Uncle Albert's new girlfriend, as well as Ruffles, the attack rooster someone dropped off at my farm without checking if I actually wanted a rooster.


  1. I recently read Farmed and Dangerous...loved it! I think it is the best in the series so far!

  2. There's nothing quite like tomatoes fresh from the vine, still warm from the sunshine... Please pass the Insalata Caprese.

    1. Willow, we're still on greenhouse tomatoes, but the field ones are formed up and starting to ripen!

  3. I love this series. It's great to have an intriguing mystery AND learn more about organic farming.

  4. Thank you, lklback! So glad you like it.

  5. That is definitely on my TBR list!