Saturday, August 8, 2015

BookBub Special!

I'm not one to brag, in fact, I'd much rather get treats for tricks than run around bragging, but my mama says you would want to know the great deal that is going on TODAY! BookBub is running a $1.99 special on "OH SAY CAN YOU FUDGE." Check out the ebook for the special price.

Hi, I'm Little Dog, you know the real dog that Mal from The McMurphy Hotel and Fudge Shop is based on--although, I'm prettier and smarter--even so I'm a bit partial to the Candy-coated Mystery series set on Mackinac Island Michigan.
What I'm not partial to is fireworks. Goodness knows why humans think the terrible bangs and booms are wonderful or why they oooh and ahhh. But Mama says you will ooh and ahhh over this special.

Yes, this is a picture of the real me. I'm gorgeous, right? Now I learned there is a cat in this book. I never had to deal with cats until recently when I moved in with two of them. Cats are interesting creatures, not human and not dog. Both hissed and struck at my nose at first. I didn't bark. I won them over slowly with my calm ways. Now one will even kiss my nose. The other, well, he still gets in a huff, but I think he does kind of like me even if I can't get up on the counters with them. So my mama tells me there will be more of the cat in the next book. Which is fine, I'm onto their kitty ways and I can help Mal with her adjustment. I'll leave you with one final question before you jump over to Amazon and grab up your ebook copy of "Oh Say Can You Fudge" for $1.99.  That question is: if you have pets how do they react to fireworks? Love them or hate them?
Yours Truly,
Little Dog


  1. My dog (Taffy) hates fireworks. She gets close to me or hides under the furniture.

  2. We've had a couple of dogs who have been absolutely terrified of fireworks, but the rest usually just tilt their heads at the sound and wonder what's going on, and wish it would stop. :-)

  3. We shiver and shake and stay close to Willow. She hugs us and tells us that the horrible noises can't hurt us. How can something so scary not be dangerous???

  4. I read Oh Say Can You Fudge when I was recovering from hip replacement surgery. Would it was 2,000 pages long! I sighed heavily when it was over. It was one of the most fun and intricate mysteries I've read in a long time. Nancy Coco really know how to write a page turner. Re dogs and fireworks, with any dog I've owned, it's not a good match. Even my cats tend to hide!

  5. You are such a cutie, Little Dog! I saw your person's book in the BookBub email earlier, and although I've already read it, I posted about it on Twitter, so more people can become fans of Mal (and of you, of course)!

  6. I had no idea that I was behind in the series. I've bought Oh Say Can You Fudge and pre-ordered the Christmas one, too.
    My dog doesn't like fireworks, although he seems calm. I can sense that he's tense. Or maybe I'm projecting, because I hate them. One day wouldn't be too bad, but it goes on for a couple of weeks. My cat hides under the bed or in the basement, or runs around trying to escape the noise.

  7. I spotted the Book Bub and if I hadn't already read this I'd have snatched it up!

    My cat doesn't care about fireworks, though she does startle sometimes and looks around as if to make sure no one spotted her. LOL But my dog, Quigley, hides in the darkest room in the house if they go off close to us. He also hides when there is a thunder and lightning storm.