Sunday, August 16, 2015

Braking for Bodies…

Evie Bloomfield here on Mackinac Island and trouble is headed our way. And this is how it all starts on Braking for Bodies…

        “What’s with the garlic and bottle of olive oil?” I asked Fiona when I bumped into her, the two of us heading down Shepler’s Ferry dock crowded with tourists. “Spaghetti for dinner and I’m invited?”

         It was June on Mackinac Island and a perfect evening with small swells on Lake Huron and clear skies overhead. Those of us brave enough...or stupid enough, the jury was still out on that tough out the winter from hell on the island so deserved an evening like this. A year ago I lived in Chicago and thought I knew all about snow, winter and ice. Yeah, right.

         “The devil himself in three inch lifts is on that ferry.” Fiona gripped the yellow I © the Town Crier tote bag I gave her for Christmas and stared at the big white ferryboat gliding up to the dock. “Irish Donna said garlic and holy oil got rid of evil forces. I figured olive oil marked extra virgin was about as holy as I could get on short notice. I got to admit I don’t get the extra part, I mean either you’re a virgin or you’re not but since that ship sailed for me along time ago who am I to judge.”

     I wonder what Fiona got herself into while out in LA? And is a bottle of olive oil going to get her into more trouble or fix thing? The way things go around here I can’t imagine olive oil fixing anything other than a delish dinner. I’ll keep you posted how things go.

See you in Braking for Bodies...


  1. I do hope there's some spaghetti sauce in you near future, Evie!

  2. Well, I guess I'd better go order it!

  3. I'm soooooo looking forward to April!!! :-)

  4. I have ridden the ferry to Mackinac Island. I love to read stories that are located in areas I am familiar with. Gives it that little something extra.
    sherry @ fundinmental