Thursday, August 20, 2015

Living the Good Life


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The Paws & Claws Mysteries

by Krista Davis

Not too long ago, I was digging in trash for food. I lived outside, taking shelter wherever I could find it. I thought my name was Bad Dog because that was what most people called me. But then, on a rainy night, I spotted Holly Miller. She was a mess, kind of like me!

Now she's my mom. People say she rescued me, but I know that I rescued her from a drab life with her old boyfriend, Ben. Holly's grandmother, Oma, thanks me for that every day. She calls him "the Ben." For some reason, that irritates Holly.

Anyway, we moved into the Sugar Maple Inn with Oma. It's on Wagtail Mountain, where they love dogs and cats. Almost everybody has treats in their pockets, and instead of grubbing in the trash for a crust of pizza, I'm eating gourmet food like roast turkey and Rodeo Roundup. What a lucky break, huh? I admit that I still have nightmares about the people I lived with before. The ones who dumped me out in the middle of nowhere and left. But don't tell Holly, okay? It would upset her to know that. I usually pretend I was being klutzy and fell off the bed so she won't know.

Holly says I'm getting a reputation around Wagtail because I've found a few dead people. I don't know why everyone gets so excited about it. They smell different. Beats me why Holly can't smell them from afar like I can. But the last one was around Halloween, so things have settled down around here. Maybe there won't be anymore. Do you think that's possible?

Life with Holly on Wagtail is pretty good. And best of all, no sign of the Ben lately!

It's a ruff life!


  1. So glad to hear about the good changes in your life, Trixie. It's strange, though, when our people wind up trying to figure out who killed other humans, even if we're the ones who find the bodies.
    --Pluckie, of the Superstition Mysteries

  2. I am so happy you have found Holly and have a wonderful place to live, Trixie. :-)

  3. We're glad it turned out well for you. When we were little and lost, we had each other and some nice people took us in. That was fine, but there were lots of dogs there. Then Willow came along and took us home, and we knew we had our forever home, together.

  4. I am very happy you found Holly. I love reading about you in the book. Looking forward to the next one.

  5. It sounds as if you and Holly rescued each other, Trixie! I haven't read your stories yet, but they're on my must read list! :-)

  6. I'm so glad thta you rescued Holly! Us humans can get rather lost some time!

  7. I can not wait for this one!!!!!!!! So happy for you!!!

  8. We know what you mean Trixie, like our sisters Blossom and Six who went to live in Heaven 5 years ago, we adopted our mommy. We knew she needed us. Fortunately we were only 8 week old kittens so we don't have any bad memories. But we do have scary dreams sometimes and Mommy wakes us up and makes us feel safe.
    We know Mommy enjoys the stories about your adventures with your mom and Twinkletoes. She can't wait to read THE GHOST AND MRS MEWER. She also likes to read about Daisey and Mochie and their mom too.
    Dharma and Thora

  9. A wonderful post. Can't wait to read all about you and your human friends.

  10. Very cute post! I doubt that the dead bodies will stop--hope not, for the sake of the series.