Friday, September 11, 2015

It's Back to School Time

by Caro Lamont from Sparkle Abbey’s Pampered Pets Mystery Series

Schools all around the country are back in session and here in Laguna Beach it’s no different.

I always enjoyed this time of year growing up in Texas both as a child and later as a teen. Now as an adult, although I’m not buying school supplies and hitting the books, I use it as a time to regroup. There’s just something about getting back into a routine that’s comforting. At least for me.

My rescue pup, Dogbert, and I have a regular timetable for walks and we’re both happier when we can keep to our plans. Even my two cats, Thelma and Louise, protest if their routine is upset. And by routine, I mean that they like to be fed on time so they can make sure they don’t miss their scheduled naps.

After the recent excitement we’ve had (you might remember the dead body, missing office mate, craziness that occurred a couple of months ago) I am more than ready to enjoy getting back into a day-to-day, no-surprises, kind of routine. Seeing clients, walking Dogbert, meeting my friend, Diana, for lunch, and maybe a nice dinner with the handsome and charming Sam. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Hopefully that’s what’s in the cards…

What about you? Do you and/or your pets have particular routines that you're looking forward to getting back to?

Sparkle Abbey’s latest book, Book 7 in the Pampered Pets Mystery Series, is DOWNTON TABBY (Bell Bridge Books)

“How would you like to find a dead body in a swimming pool, have two friends disappear, be followed by a black SUV and have your ex try to take away your clients?

That’s what Laguna Beach’s animal therapist and sometime sleuth, Caro Lamont, faces in another page turning, suspense filled, and occasional humorous adventure as she tries to find a killer, solve the disappearances of two friends, and deal with a scurvy ex.

Need a treat today? Of course you do! Grab some snacks, your fav drink, turn off your phone and settle down in a comfy place and relish this latest mystery that’s pet friendly too!
~ B. Baker, Amazon reviewer

Next up? Book 8: Raiders of the Lost Bark
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  1. We do like our regular walks, but we also love surprise extra walks, even it if means snooping around Threadville with Willow in the dark. We sniff out clues!

  2. Sally-Forth and Tally-Ho,
    Those extra walks can be fun and I'm sure Willow appreciates your help. :-)