Monday, September 21, 2015

Learning From The Past

By: Jaymie Leighton
From: White Colander Crime
Author: Victoria Hamilton
Series: Vintage Kitchen Mysteries
Pub. Date: November 3rd, 2015

For some reason this time of year always ends me scurrying for the kitchen, and I'm like a squirrel looking forward to winter. I feel the need to stock up, cook, can, freeze... get ready for winter. I also love taking trips to farm markets for produce and pioneer villages for inspiration. I feel a yen for the past that's puzzling, in some ways. I mean, our life is so easy compared to that of our ancestors.

I'm not sure I'm really suited to living as the pioneers did - their struggles seemed, at times, insurmountable - but there is a time in more recent history that calls to me. Oddly enough, it's the Great Depression. It was a terrible time in history for American and Canadian citizens, but there are things I can say were positive, too.

As often happens, hard times make people pull together. My grandmother was young during the depression, and tells me tales about all the women in her neighborhood gathering for long canning sessions, when they would take advantage of harvest bounty to put up tomatoes and green beans, apples, and other fruits and vegetables, which they would turn into jams, preserves, chili sauce and pickles. Nothing was wasted and much was shared.

She says their family would barter. Her mother would sew, or look after children, or do whatever needed doing, and her father would fix things for folks, or do extra work on local farms, all in exchange for produce and eggs, butter, hams. That way even though they were town folks, they made it through hard winters with little money.

It wasn't easy, but their spirits and strength were tested and honed by a difficult life.

So... this is one of my favorite questions to ask at parties or among strangers; if you had to live in any time in history, when would it be, and why?


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  1. I'd want to stick to the present so I could sew and embroider with today's fabulous machines.

  2. I wouldn't mind going to sleep and waking up back in the 60's as long as I had the memories of what my life could be like if I redid the things I did the first time, or doing certain things differently to change the outcome. I'd also love to remember all the companies that made it big and buy into the IPO's as they came out. Yes I'm greedy in the sense that I'd like to have a better life the second time around.

  3. I've always been fascinated by the movies, fashion, and music from the 40s. I'd love to live during those years in New York City. I know it's the WWII era, but it was be very interesting. No TV, but I enjoy radio, volunteering at the USO, working in a dress shop...yeah!

  4. I would have to say the 1920's. I can totally picture myself as a "bright young thing".