Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Dreams a Good Cat Dreams

By Argyle from the Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries by Molly MacRae

Hello, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Argyle, and I’m a retired gentleman cat. I’m also a retired rapscallion cat, but my rapscallion days were two or three lives ago, and my intervening lives taught me more genteel ways. This life, I live in a fiber and fabric shop, called the Weaver’s Cat, with SKEINS AND SKEINS OF YARN! But I am the epitome of decorum and I don’t bother the SKEINS or the FLOSS or the SPINDLES . . .

There are three places in the Weaver’s Cat that I think of as my own, and I spend most of my time in one or another of them. If you come to see me at the shop, you’ll either find me napping in the window seat in Kath’s study up in the attic, or napping carefully in the front display window, or waiting patiently in the kitchen by my food dish. Napping is an enjoyable pastime. Waiting to be fed is less enjoyable, but if you know anything about cats, then you’ll know that I’m philosophical about waiting. Poetical, too. Here’s a haiku I wrote about sitting by my dish.

Argyle’s dignity
Shows as he waits once again
For small fish favors

Did that haiku make you purr? All haikus make me purr. I love them. Other things that make me purr are finding a pool of sunshine for a nap, finding a warm lap for a nap, and listening to my friend Geneva recite haikus. Did you know that it isn’t just an old wives’ tale that cats can see ghosts? Geneva is a ghost. She isn’t much clearer than rippled glass in an old window, but she’s interesting and a good friend. Something else makes me purr, and that’s dreaming of batting every single BALL OF YARN in the shop! And the FLOSS and the BITS OF FLUFF for felting!
I would never actually bat any of those things, but not because I’m an especially good cat. I won’t because I don’t want to give satisfaction to the customers who chuckle and ask “Isn’t having a cat in a yarn shop kind of like having a bull in a china shop?” I turn my back on those customers, but I’ve written a haiku about that, too.

Satisfaction lies
In the dreams a good cat dreams.
There's the door, please go.

Readers, have you ever tried writing a haiku? You should. I guarantee they’ll make you PURR. 

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  1. I do enjoy writing haikus, and your haikus were delightful!

  2. Interesting, but we're too busy chasing each other around and teasing our dogs to consider writing haiku!

    1. The chasing and the
      teasing are good fodder for
      your future haikus.

  3. Molly MacRae is
    One delightful author of
    Yarnshop mysteries.

    1. Napping in the sun
      Banal pleasure compared to
      Your lovely haiku

  4. We don't think it is an old wives tale that cats see ghosts because sometimes we see our sisters (Blossom and Six) who went to live in heaven before Mommy adopted us. Sometimes Mommy ask us what we are looking at when we follow something with our eyes. But we know Mommy knows they are here sometimes too, when she thinks about how much she misses them.
    Oh and we like yarn too! purrs Dharma and Thora

    1. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of Blossom and Six, but I'm glad you're able to see them sometimes and let your mommy know they still think of her. Sit in your mommy's lap as often as you can, and leave fur on her pillow and pant legs so she'll know how loved she is.