Monday, October 26, 2015

All Hallows Eve

by Monica Albertson
from Peg Cochran's Cranberry Cove series

Monica drove down the hill toward Cranberry Cove where lights twinkled in the distance and she could see the black expanse of Lake Michigan and the white tips of the waves.  The moon was full and shone across the waters of the lake illuminating Beach Hollow Road in a golden glow.  She was headed to the church where they were hosting a trunk or treat for Halloween.

A crowd was already beginning to gather when Monica arrived at the church parking lot.

“Hello.”  Hennie VanVelsen’s fluted tones drifted across the parking lot as Monica approached.  “What do you have there?”  Hennie eyed Monica’s baskets. 

“I’ve made some fresh cranberry cakes and muffins from the crop Jeff and his team just finished harvesting,” Monica said, momentarily putting her baskets down.  “They won’t appeal to the children, but the parents should enjoy them.”

Gerta, Hennie’s identical twin sister, said conspiratorially,  “we’ve made goodie bags with Dutch chocolates, licorice and Wilhelmina peppermints to hand out.”

“I remember,” Gerta began, “the one Halloween when it rained buckets as we went door to door.  Do you remember, Hennie?”  She turned toward her sister.  "We were around ten years old."

Hennie nodded.  “I’ll never forget it.  Our parents had given us a paper grocery

“We didn’t have the plastic pumpkins and bags the children have today,” Gerta interrupted.

Hennie gave her sister a quelling look.  “As I was saying, we had a paper sack and it was raining.  The sack was a little too big—“

“Or we were a little too short.”  Gerda laughed.

“And I didn’t realize I was dragging it along the ground,” Hennie said with a stern look at her sister.

“And it broke,” Gerda finished triumphantly.

“And we lost all our candy,” Hennie said.  “Right there in the road outside the Bylsma’s farm house.”

“Oh, you must have been terribly upset,” Monica said.

The sisters looked at each other and shrugged.  “We stuffed as much of the candy as we could in our pockets,” Hennie replied.  “And still managed to have a wonderful time.”

They turned toward Monica.  “What are your Halloween memories?”

And what are yours?  

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  1. I remember carving a pumpkin in the garage, and my parents telling me to be careful. Not to get any of the pumpkin guts on the car (parked in the garage). I can't remember if the car managed to be pumpkin gut free or not.

    As a child, I did enjoy wearing a costume and going trick or treating. I loved getting candy! We even knew which houses usually gave out the best candy every year.

    1. Yes, we had favorite houses, too! And ones that weren't so exciting like the elderly couple down the street who gave us apples and spent precious trick-or-treating minutes talking to my mother! Of course this was before we had to worry about only giving kids packaged candy.

  2. I was walking up to a house when a scarecrow moved and spoke. I ran away without saying "trick or treat!" No wonder the crows are scared...

  3. I don't really have any Halloween memories. Well, I have the one where my mother scared me to death. She was very proud of herself. Thus, I'm not a fan of Halloween.

    I'm really looking forward to reading Berry the Hatchet.

  4. I sort of remember the year my mom made me a black cat costume. I liked it a lot! Meow!

  5. I remember using a grocery sack too!

  6. I remember being an Indian Princess, I would love to win a copy of this book, Thanks for this awesome chance. Linda May