Saturday, October 10, 2015

Charlie Harris from the "Cat in the Stacks" series by Miranda James

I put down the phone and gazed at the curious feline stretched out on the floor beside my chair. "Miss An'gel and Miss Dickce send their love."

Diesel, my Maine Coon, raised his head and warbled a couple of times.

"Yes, I told them you sent your love to them." I smiled at the cat. He had heard Miss An'gel's voice on the
phone, and he'd been watching me with more than the usual interest. He knew that I was talking to one of his friends.

Diesel meowed loudly.

"They're leaving tomorrow for Louisiana," I told him. "They have a family wedding to attend. Miss An'gel sounded a little worried, but she never said what was bothering her."

The cat yawned and started licking his left front paw.

"I think they're still a little shell-shocked after what happened when their old college friend suddenly turned up on their doorstep." I frowned. "You were there, and I'm thankful nothing happened to you during all the brouhaha."

Diesel stood and stretched, then chirped and trilled before he rubbed his head against my leg.

"That was the first time I ever left you for an extended period with anyone else," I said. "I knew the sisters would take good care of you, but of course no one could have predicted what happened."

The cat contemplated me for a moment, then uttered a soft meow.

"I didn't like to do it, but there was no way we could take you to France with us," I said. I'd felt guilty about leaving him behind, but I couldn't pass up the chance at a family vacation in Europe.We'd had a wonderful time.

"I just hope the wedding goes smoothly," I said. "Weddings can be stressful enough without anything unusual going on, but I'm sure Miss An'gel and Miss Dickce will handle it all with their usual aplomb."

Diesel warbled in agreement.

Little did we know....


  1. Meow. Being away from home must have been upsetting, Diesel.

  2. Love the Southern Lady mysteries (as well as the Cat in the Stacks mysteries)!

    1. Should have said Southern LADIES mysteries...

  3. Diesel is a perfect name for a Maine Coon cat!