Sunday, November 8, 2015

Family Holidays Can be Murder

Hi, Toni here from the Gluten-Free Bakery series. I have a big family -four brothers and sisters, eight aunts and uncles on my mother's side alone and over fifty two cousins. You might be able to imagine what kind of madness occurs during the holidays-especially Thanksgiving.

Now add in one community parade and a grandmother on wheels and darn if there isn't trouble stirring. This time of year Grandma Ruth gets all excited about OilTop's history and her part in it.

Then there's the family get-togethers and the big Christmas reveal the Friday after Thanksgiving when the holidays officially start for my family. Add in a little murder and Grandma Ruth being hauled in to the police office for questioning and, well, you just don't know what might happen next.

Holidays and families go hand in hand and sometimes chaos ensues.

What is your most memorable family holiday story? Grandma Ruth accused of murder is mine.
Please tell us your memory in the comments below. Happy Thanksgiving!

And a very happy holiday season to everyone. Season's Readings from Killer Characters. Leave a comment and you'll be entered to win a copy of MURDER GONE A-RYE!


  1. Enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends. Not one specific memory, just the togetherness and sharing of good food!!

  2. There was the Thanksgiving when the after-dinner game involved turning off the lights and drawing pictures in the dark. And then...things started crashing upstairs.

  3. Probably the year we sent my dad off to a basketball game before dinner. He was hungry, so we hacked off a turkey leg and sent that with him. Only after he was gone did we realize the turkey wasn't cooked yet. We worried about him getting food poisoning for hours. Turns out, he was fine, but we still worried.

  4. 42 years ago this Thanksgiving, we had about 26 people here over night. They had come to celebrate my husband and I getting married the next day. It was quite the slumber part here!

  5. We used to gather the WHOLE family, so Dad put a hard cover over the pool table to seat as many as we could, plus a few kiddie tables too. Of course with more than a dozen adults, there needed to be a lot of coffee being made. Mom had an industrial size coffee percolator, like you'd see in a church kitchen. After dinner, as we were serving dessert, she decided it was silly to have the coffee on a TV tray in the corner, and was walking the HUGE pot to set on the table. Now I am positive none of us kids had anything to do with her tripping. The pot fell forward onto the table, cover spilling off.
    I'd never see those adults jump up and move so fast!