Monday, November 9, 2015

The Good. The Bad. And the Baby

Wally Boyd from Denise Swanson’s New York Times bestselling Scumble River mystery series.

Wally Boyd here. I’m the chief of police in Scumble River, Illinois. Ninety-nine percent of the time nothing much happens in our small town. I usually spend most of my time doing paperwork and attending meetings. A real exciting shift might include a fight over at the Brown Bag bar or kids have a beer party under the old bridge. But when there is a serious crime it’s a doozy.

Before Skye and I got married, I hired her as the PD’s psych consultant. She’d already helped solve a few murders and I’ve always believed if you can’t fight ‘em join ‘em. And until recently, I was happy with my decision. I’m not one of those men who are so egotistical they can accept that a woman might be smarter or better equipped to do something than I am and Skye and I have always worked together well as a team.  

Speaking of a team, we’re about to increase our roster. Skye and I got married right after Christmas and she came back from our honeymoon expecting. We’d talked about having kids, but really hadn’t come to any decisions. Although, I guess the fact that we didn’t take any precautions to prevent her getting pregnant speaks for itself. We rolled the dice and fate took the matter out of our hands.

Skye and I are thrilled and although it might have been smart to wait until we’d adjusted to being married; the clock was ticking for both of us. I’m forty-four and she’s thirty-six, which means our window of opportunity to have a family is narrower than a lot of newlyweds. And, I hate to admit it, but I’m a bit relieved. My first wife left me when she wasn’t able to conceive, and although I later learned she had an infertility problem, there was no proof that I wasn’t shooting blanks, too.

But back to the issue of Skye as the police psych consultant. As long as no bodies turn up in the next six months, everything should be okay. But I’m not sure that I can handle my pregnant wife investigating a murder. And I’m equally not sure that she won’t insist.

If you’re interested in seeing how Wally reacts when Skye discovers the body of a nasty faculty member floating in the high school pool, read all about it in Murder of an Open Book, which debuted September 1. It can be ordered at

--New York Times bestselling author Denise Swanson writes the Scumble River and the Devereaux’s Dime Store mysteries, as well as the Change of Heart romances series. The first book in this series, Good Girl Overboard is on sale now for $.99 here