Friday, January 22, 2016

Dodging a Bullet

By: Dani Greene
From: A Sticky Situation
Series: The Sugar Grove Mysteries
Author: Jessie Crockett

The weather forcast all over for the weekend calls for snow and a lot of it. For some strange reason, it looks like it will stop short of New Hampshire. And while most folks here are grateful, I confess, I feel a little disappointed.

Sure, three feet of new snow means slippery roads and a whole lot of digging out. But it also means overtime for the folks on the road crew, better conditions on the ski slopes and cheerful snowmen in the side pasture.

While everyone else is stocking up on milk and bread I prefer to head for the produce section for just the right carrots for noses. But this time no one is frantically driving to the grocer for a week's worth of supplies. We are all business as usual, heading for work, driving carpool and keeping appointments at the dentist. Around here a lot of people would rather dig out of a blizzard than sit in the dentist's chair.

Readers, would you rather suffer through three new feet of snow or a half hour in the dentist's chair?


  1. Half an hour in the dentist chair (which would be a short visit for me - for my dentist is usually running behind schedule).

  2. I would take the three feet of snow. I hate going to the dentist. I have had a life long fear of it.

  3. I'd take a half hour at the dentist. It's over and done more quickly.

  4. I would rather spend a half hour in the dentist chair, than have to deal with all that snow. A little snow is ok, but dealing with all that shoveling & it takes a lot of sun & warmth for all if it to melt. Linda May

  5. While I hate the dentist, I would go for the 30 mins. Over 3 feet of snow!!! I like a little snow but 3 inches is too much. Three feet is ungodly!

  6. I admit that I like snow. No, I love snow! I even liked it before I retired and didn't have to drive in it, but it's nicer now--more relaxing.

  7. We were lucky enough to get snow here today. Now when I say we are excited about how much we got, I know a lot of people will laugh. But you see here in Middle TN we dont get much snow. We got about 6-9 inches today and I am loving it. I sure do miss the snow we had for the 8 years I lived in Indy. I have to say I will always pick 3 feet of snow before most anything. I dont mind the dentist chair though. By the way I absolutely love this series!

  8. Snow, snow, snow! I love snow and a good snow day! Dentist, not so much...