Monday, February 8, 2016

It's the Chinese New Year- the Year of the Monkey!

Hi, Little dog here. My owner has used me to create Mal from the Candy-Coated series set on Mackinaw Island, Michigan.

I think she has done a great job infusing Mal with my character, charm, and brains. It makes me wish I lived on the island. Instead of a fudge shop owner, like Allie, I live with a writer who loses track of time and days. I have to remind her to do all sorts of things like feed me, give me treats and pet me. Thankfully I let her forget things like baths and groomer appointments. I think Mal would agree those are good things to forget.

I looked at the calendar this morning and saw two things: 1) it is the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Monkey-I'd rather it was always the year of the dog, but I think cats also want their time in the limelight. 2) it is the 8th of the month so my writer is supposed to have written and set up her blog yesterday. Oops, I think she's been monkeying around. Get it? Monkey?

I know she's been working hard on copy edits, galley edits and such. How do I know? She doesn't let me sit in her lap and rest my head on her laptop keyboard. It makes her cranky. I will let you know that I did jump on her face today about the blog, but she only kept giving me treats and walks. Not that I minded, but she didn't get her blog up until late and it wasn't my fault. I tried.

What should I do to keep on track with the blog? Ideas?

Now that I've been successful, I'm taking a nap and dreaming up new adventures for Mal.
In the meantime, Happy February, Happy New Year and I'll try harder to keep her on track and stop monkeying around.

Cheers, Little Dog

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  1. Yes, please keep her on track, but if she has to be late with the blog to keep on track writing the books, we need to give her a break. Keep the books coming!