Tuesday, February 9, 2016

You Can't Go Home Again, Unless Have No Other Choice

They say you can’t go home again, but, in my case, well, a big part of me has just been too embarrassed to try.

Hi, I’m Erica Bloom, ex-resident of Otter Lake, Live Free or Die, New Hampshire. I know the whole not going home thing sounds ridiculous, but if you knew about the practical joke that went down at the raspberry social right before I left, you might understand. It’s hard to live in a town where everybody knows you as Boobsie Bloom.

These days, I’m living a good life in Chicago. I have a steady job as a court reporter. I like to run...or at least make plans to go running. Plus I’m in a pretty serious relationship with my DVR. Really, it’s a good life. Nice. Predictable. In fact, turns out, there’s only one thing that could drag me back to Otter Lake. And it’s not the long docks stretching into the water, or the nights with a billion stars. And it’s definitely not the moose who think they have more rights to the road than you do...although they totally do. Moose are really big. Nope, turns out, the one thing that could bring me back home for a visit is probably the most powerful force in the universe. Guilt. The kind that only a mother can bestow.

Yup, when my mom called asking for some mysterious favor to help save her business - a spiritual retreat for women - I got on the bus. What else could I do? Believe me, we both need her to stay in business. No way she’s doing sunrise yoga in my one room apartment. But, of course, as soon as I stepped off the bus and onto the dock, things started to go wrong - you guessed it - dead wrong. To makes matters even worse, my horrible, but still insanely hot, ex-something from high school is now sheriff, and he suspects me! Of murder! Why? ‘Cause that’s just how things roll for Boobsie Bloom in Otter Lake.

Seriously, if I’m not careful, I might be stuck in New Hampshire...fifty years to life.

SKINNY DIPPING WITH MURDER debuts March 1. It can be preordered at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and, iTunes.

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  1. Boobsie...OMG...that's a great name! Good luck in New Hampshire!

  2. New writer. New series. Looks like a fun read. And with a 'name' like that? I think I would go else where to. On my TBR. Thanks for the heads up Della