Saturday, March 26, 2016

Odd Woman Out

By Gina Albertson
From the Cranberry Cove Series by Peg Cochran

Yoo Hoo!  I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Gina Albertson.  I’m Jeff Albertson’s mother and Monica Albertson’s stepmother.  You know Jeff and Monica, don’t you?  They run Sassamanash Farm where they grow cranberries.

I originally came to Cranberry Cove to visit my son, and much to everyone’s surprise (and not everyone’s delight) I ended up staying.  I’ve opened an aromatherapy shop on Beach Hollow Road called Making Scents.  There isn’t a lot of call for essential oils for the locals, but during the summer, tourists are drawn to my shop out of curiosity.  Many come back when they discover how beneficial essential oils can be.  I’m thinking of starting an on-line shop to make more money.  My alimony only stretches so far, you know?

The locals treat me like some sort of rare bird that has landed in their midst—a bird with a penchant for animal print clothing, enough make-up to stock the cosmetics counter at Macy’s and an expensive haircut I have to travel to Chicago to get.  The only person in town who is considered even weirder than I am is Tempest Storm who runs Twilight, a new age shop down the street.

 I don’t know how long I’ll be staying in Cranberry Cove—long enough, I hope, to see Jeff married to Lauren, and Monica wed to Greg Harper, owner of Book ‘Em.  Monica is being so stubborn—insisting she’s not ready to commit yet.  I say that’s nonsense.  Besides, Greg is the only eligible bachelor in Cranberry Cove—she’d better snag him while she can!

 So, do I meddle in their affairs and try to give Cupid a shove, or should I stay out of it?  What do you think?     

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  1. I can't wait to read your next book!

  2. Meddling may get results, but not necessarily the ones you want...

  3. Maybe Cupid needs a little help...

  4. Somehow, Gina, I think if we suggested that you not meddle that would only push you further along the meddling trail.