Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spring in Chicago

Hi, Pepper Pomeroy here from the Perfect Proposal series. It's March and nearly Spring.

"In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love," writes Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

This keeps me and my business very busy as I create elaborate proposals and the engagement parties that follow. One of the happiest parts of my work is interviewing the couple and learning about their journey to love. They tell me of their first date, their special song, and countless details that make them unique and fun as a couple. Then I put my head together with the prospective proposer (male or female) and create an event guaranteed to be remembered the rest of their lives-or their money back.

Business is booming. I'm also taking part in my baby sister Felicity's wedding. While my family is salt-of-the-earth middle class, her fiancee, Warren's is not. There is a bit of finesse needed to not insult my parents or his, but Felicity negotiates it with ease. As for me, I'm pretty much a duck out of water in any social setting. I think that awkwardness is as much a part of my genetic makeup as my red hair.  It's why I work best behind the scenes planning projects and seeing the happiness my events bring to the couple and their families.

I get asked all the time why the way a person pops the question has become nearly as important wedding itself. The reason seems to be that couples today tend to live together before they get married. The marriage itself is a foregone conclusion. To make it special, the big proposal was born. Now the wedding season starts with a party for the proposal, followed by the engagement party, wedding showers, the bachelor party and finally the wedding itself, followed by a honeymoon. It's a year and a half of memories-good and bad.

Unfortunately some of those memories can be deadly. So, my side business of amateur sleuthing is keeping me as busy as my actual business. Lucky for me, I'm building a reputation of figuring out the clues to solve the murder. This means my friend, Detective Murphy, talks to me about more than the problems he's having with his daughter. It turns out we might actually have more in common than either of us realize.

With a full season of obligatory parties, and the mixing of families and friends it seems something almost always goes wrong. What is your least favorite wedding memory? Did you wonder if anyone would end up dead?


  1. Least favorite wedding memory: My matron of honor. If I had to do over, I would not pick my husband's sister. She did nothing but complain and criticize.

  2. My niece was married on Friday the 13th. The dresses were not ready and some of the girls were sewn into them. Then one of the groomsmen passed out on the altar.

  3. Least Favorite...my first wedding!!! Hahahaa!! Yep....he might have seen an untimely demise in a book ;)

  4. That murder, only days before my wedding...

  5. When my husband & I got married the caterer was an hour late, so we had to run out & get something for people to nibble on till the real food got there, that sure was no fun. Linda May

  6. The day my youngest sister got married, my dad couldn't be at the wedding. He was in a hospital 125 miles away, awaiting a triple bypass. Fortunately the surgery went very well a couple days later. But he did miss the wedding.