Saturday, April 16, 2016

and the dead guy is...

Hi, Evie Bloomfield here all the way from Chicago and now living on Mackinac Island. This is a real island where Lake Michigan meets Lake Huron. There are no cars, lots of horses, bikes and a dead body once in a while.

Not only is this a problem for the dead guy...who deserved to bite the big one...but for the businesses on the island. You see, if word gets out that there’s a killer on the loose tourists will stampede for the ferry docks and leave the island, the business will go broke and everyone will be in the unemployment line...if Mackinac Island had an unemployment office.

Since we needed a plan to avoid financial catastrophe we sort of passed the murder of one Peephole Perry off as a mystery weekend at the Grand Hotel.

Nate of course doesn’t think this a good idea at all. Nate Sutter’s the local police chief and for some reason thinks law take precedence over the island’s finances...silly man. He’s also smoking hot but that’s another story up for discussion because his stuborness often gets in the way of the hotness.
Anyway, now he’s trying to tell the tourist this is a real crime scene but thank heavens they’re not buying it!

So now it’s a murder mystery at the Grand Hotel while the rest of us in the know try to figure out who really did in the Peepster.

Wish us luck. Over and out...Evie Bloomfield.


  1. And the more he says it's real, the more they don't believe it! Very clever, Evie!

  2. Now that I would have loved to be in on. LOL. Great read!! Della

  3. Can't wait for more adventures with Evie! Loved the book!

  4. What a great story this is definitely going to lure travelers to Mackinac Island this year. If it weren't for the lack of vehicles (car) there, I would go myself. Fun and interesting reading. Thanks again Duffy.


  5. I always want to go to Mackinac Island it sounds so delightful! Thanks for the story.