Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bigger'n Dallas

by Aunt Rowe from Kay Finch's Bad Luck Cat Mystery Series

My name is Rowena Flowers, and I own the Around The World Cottages in Lavender, Texas. I named each cottage for a city I visited abroad – the Paris cottage, the Barcelona cottage, the Madrid cottage, you get the idea. I make a good living renting out my cottages to Texas Hill Country vacationers, but I'm more than happy for my niece Sabrina Tate to live in one of them full-time. See, Sabrina's been living in Houston and working at a law firm, but she's a country girl and a writer at heart. What better place for an aspiring mystery author to create stories than sitting in the lovely Monte Carlo cottage with the sparkling Glidden River right outside her door?

Sabrina's excited about her new feline friend, and she claims the suspense in her writing has improved with him around so she named him Hitchcock. Too bad not everyone in town believes the cat's a good-luck charm. Some call him the Bad Luck Cat, which is a bunch of legendary hooey from back in the day. Sabrina's doing her best to set the superstitious townspeople straight and prove Hitchcock is simply a loveable cat.

Charming as our town might be, everything is not wine and roses here in Lavender. You know how there are some people in life who just need a good swat upside the head every now and then? My no-good cousin Bobby Joe Flowers is one of those people. I wasn't happy when he showed up bigger'n Dallas for a surprise visit. I'd've never predicted he'd go and get himself killed the same day I walloped him with one of my crutches. Instead of asking me to dinner like he usually does, the sheriff started asking me about alibis and such.

So Sabrina's busy trying to solve a real-life murder to keep me, her dear Aunt Rowe, from being locked up for the crime. And it turns out Hitchcock the cat is not only a good-luck writer's charm - he's a master of sleuthing, too. With their help, I should have nothing to worry about.

You can see how the whole mess turned out in Black Cat Crossing, the first book in the Bad Luck Cat mystery series. And look for book two, The Black Cat Knocks on Wood, being released on June 7, 2016. Note: The Kindle version of Black Cat Crossing is on sale for $1.99.)

About Kay Finch:
Kay grew up on a Pennsylvania farm, but after moving to Texas she discovered her favorite vacation spot, the Texas Hill Country, setting of her Bad Luck Cat mystery series. Book two of the series, The Black Cat Knocks on Wood will be released on June 7, 2016.  Visit Kay at


  1. Meow! All cats are loveable! Does Hitchcock have a playmate? We have each other. Meow, pounce, wrestle...

  2. Hitchcock has a couple of kitty playmates named Zelda and Willis who live at the local bookstore, Knead to Read.

  3. I know Sabrina and Hitchcock will be able to prove you are innocent! Thank goodness, they are there to help you.