Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Rude Awakening

By Laurel Inwood from Kylie Logan’s newest, “Irish Stewed,” book #1 in the Ethnic Eats Mystery Series

Ah, Tuscany!

Fabulous food.  Warm breezes.  Fine wine.  And a sunlight so luminescent, it warms the ancient stones of the buildings, softens and the air, and seeps into my bones.

Could there be anything more beautiful?  Anything more enjoyable than stepping out onto the balcony in the evening and breathing in the scent of–

Fried baloney?

I shake my head and open my eyes, waking to the grim reality.  Tuscany is a distant memory, and in the cold light of day, the truth freezes my insides.  The days of traveling to Tuscany (and Paris and Maui and the south of France) with my employer, Hollywood megastar Meghan Cohan, are over.  This celebrity chef has fallen from grace, and she’s found herself in Hubbard, Ohio working at Sophie’s Terminal at the Tracks.

Sophie’s is a greasy spoon diner, and those tracks are right here.  So are the trains that rumble by umpteen times a day and shake the restaurant to its foundation.

As for the Terminal . . . well, Sophie’s is housed in an old railway station so it makes perfect sense.  But when it comes to small town secrets, murder is always a possibility.

Just as Jake Lancer, local TV investigative reporter.  Oh, wait a minute, you can’t.  See, my first night on the job, I found Jake slumped in a booth in the restaurant.

And Terminal took on a whole new meaning.