Saturday, May 7, 2016

I've Got the Mother's Day blues

By Sally-Jo Baker from the Ashton Corners 
        Book Club Mysteries by Erika Chase


I can’t believe we’re at another Mother’s Day already. This year has really flown but maybe that’s because I’m all wrapped up in wedding planning excitement. At least, most of it is exciting. Or was.

That’s why I’m a tad conflicted about celebrating Mother’s Day this year. I have been dealing with the Motherzilla-of-the-bride! You’d think since I live in Ashton Corners, Alabama and she’s in Fort Myers, Florida there wouldn’t be any problems.

Hah—think again. It started with the dress. After a couple of false starts, I had my heart set on this beautiful tea-length satin number with a cowl neckline and fitted waist. Very 1940’s. All my astute, fashion-wise friends in the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straws Society love it, too. 

But my mama, she went and found a dress in a bridal magazine. Not what I wanted. Then she searched the local bridal shops on her own and had them put aside a couple of dresses for when I got down there during spring break. None of them were very forties. None were plain white satin. All were blingy and clingy. I was so surprised at Mama's choices and just how fierce she was about my wanting them, too.

I know, she loves me and wants me to be happy...and I love her and want her to be happy.
What am I to do?

What would y'all do?

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  1. Stay calm and try to satisfy mom and yourself! Easy, right???? Not! I am going to check out this series! Sounds fun!!

  2. Great advice, Dee! Thanks so much. Hope you enjoy our books.

  3. I would politely make it clear that you won't be bullied.

  4. I borrowed a wedding dress. I really wanted to wear my mother's dress, it was such a nice satiny dress, but it didn't fit. So I borrowed my aunt's. I'm just not into all that shopping...