Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Veterinarian's Opinion

by Dr. Reed Storme, veterinarian at the Knobcone Heights Veterinary Clinic, featured in the Barkery & Biscuits Mysteries by Linda O. Johnston

Hello, everyone.  This is Dr. Reed Storme.  I blogged here before, nearly a year ago.  I'm a veterinarian at the Knobcone Heights Veterinary Clinic, where Carrie Kennersly, previously a full-time veterinary technician here, now works part time.  She spends a lot more time these days at her two shops: Icing on the Cake, where she sells baked goods for people, and Barkery and Biscuits next door, where she sells dog treats made from recipes she mostly developed while at our clinic.

Carrie and I have been dating, which I enjoy.  In fact, I've come to really care for her, even though we aren't exactly in a relationship--although I wouldn't mind if that's where we're heading.

But I have some concerns about her.  For one thing, she's taken it on herself to start solving murders in addition to everything else she does.

I understood it the first time, since she was considered a suspect in the killing of one of the members of an elite Knobcone Heights family and had to clear herself.  That situation was described in a book: BITE THE BISCUIT.

But Carrie has recently solved another one.  I understand why with this one, too, since the main suspect was Janelle Blaystone, who has become very close to Carrie's brother, Neal.  Plus dognappings were involved, and I wholly empathize with how much Carrie loves dogs.  Anyway, she got involved, and that story is now described in TO CATCH A TREAT.

Carrie is a wonderful and caring vet tech, and an amazingly good entrepreneur at her stores.  But a detective, too?  It's a bit much, in my opinion--especially since it can be dangerous.

And I'd hate for her to be hurt.

But Carrie is Carrie and she'll do as she pleases.  And, though I hate to say so, maybe that's one of the things I like about her. 

I just hope she's careful, and that this is it.  But I have a feeling that, if anyone else is killed in our small town of Knobcone Heights, Carrie will at least check it out.

TO CATCH A TREAT, the second Barkery & Biscuits Mystery by Linda O. Johnston, was a May 2016 release from Midnight Ink.  

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