Sunday, July 10, 2016

I Think My Girlfriend Might be Crazy....

By Michael from Murder Strikes a Pose by TracyWeber

I think my new girlfriend might be crazy.

Well, crazy fits. Girlfriend might be overstating it. Kate and I have only had one date, and I won that night out in a bet. But what a date. I’m still smiling five days later.

I like this one. A lot.

Kate acts all tough, but she’s really a sweetheart underneath all that bravado. Take Bella, for instance. Bella’s personality is closer to Cujo than Rin Tin Tin. Yet when her owner was murdered outside Kate’s yoga studio, Kate snagged her from the police so Animal Control wouldn’t take her. Now that’s my kind of woman.

Kate says she’ll never adopt Bella—she even tried to con me into taking her—but anyone with more than two brain cells can tell she adores that skinny, ill-mannered German shepherd. And I should know. I hang out with dogs and their people every day here at my store, Pete’s Pets.

Kate has become obsessed with catching the killer, and I’m worried. I know her father was a cop and all, but unless yoga teacher training is a heck of a lot different than I think, she’s not a trained investigator. And what’s she going to do if she catches the killer? Roll him up in a yoga mat?

I’ll never tell her I’m worried, though. Her best friend warned me that Kate looks for any excuse to dump and run, and I’m not about to give her one. I’ve been itching to ask her out on a second date, but her friend says that I should wait for Kate to ask me out this time. I feel a little guilty for scheming behind Kate’s back, but it’s for her own good. Kate and I would be great together. Even Bella loves me. After all, I’m the Cookie Man. And who can argue with a dog as smart as a German shepherd?

Speaking of which, here comes Kate now. Or at least here comes Bella. I’m pretty sure that’s Kate getting dragged like a sled behind her.

Better open that cookie jar…



  1. This sounds like an enjoyable read.
    Like the cover

  2. I am a dog lover so this story speaks to me. I added it to my list of to-be-reads.

    1. I'm a huge dog lover. I hope you love the series!

  3. Bella already belongs. Thee is no need for a formal adoption.

  4. Michael, it sounds like you have a handle on things!

    1. Oh...Michael NEVER has a handle on Kate. ;-)