Saturday, September 10, 2016

German shepherd Bella from Murder Strikes a Pose

By Bella of Murder Strikes a Pose  by Tracy Weber
Hi everyone!  Bella here from Murder Strikes a Pose.  I'm a 100-pound German shedder--oops!  I mean German shepherd.  I am also doggie kiss machine. Unless you're another dog.  Or a man with a beard. Or maybe a cat (though I haven't made my mind up about those fur-toys yet.)
I adored my human George, though.  He rescued me from a very scary man, and even though we didn't have a home and there sometimes wasn't enough food for both of us, George made sure I always ate first and that we slept together every night, even though he could have gone to a homeless shelter without me. I always felt safe with him.
Then a bad person killed him.  Now I'm staying with Kate, a yoga teacher who was George's and my friend.  I Loooooooove Kate, and I think she should be my next human.  She's so obsessed with finding George's killer that I don't want to bother her about it right now, though.  Do you think she'll realize on her own that we are meant to be together?  I certainly hope so. 
I'm here today to tell you that my first adventure us now out on audiobook!  So you can listen to Kate tell our story in addition to reading about it.  I even get in a few good barks every now and again.  I hope you'll check it out.  I think you and I could be fast friends. Unless you grow a beard.  Though the cookie man has a beard and I like him, so you never know....
PS:  My author friend Tracy asked me to pass on a message for her.  She has three free copies of my audiobook that she would like to give to the first three readers who agree to listen to the book and give an honest review on Audible no later than September 30. If you’re interested, e-mail her at
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  1. I love stories with dogs in them. Our Pug Pep was 14 on Friday!

  2. Sounds fun! I'm new to the yoga scene, but it's an absolute must with my medical problems and it's helping. Definitely more fun to read books you can relate to in one way or another. =)