Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Jude Sawyer: Rockstar Broom Maker

By: Cora Chevalier

From: Cora Crafts Mysteries
Author: Mollie Cox Bryan

            Book 1 Title: Death Among the Doilies

was so thrilled when Jude Sawyer, rockstar broom maker, agreed to headline our first retreat. sometimes people laugh when I call him a "rockstar broom maker," but these people are not in the crafting subculture that I find so fascinating. It really is it own little world, just like any other subculture, with its own "stars," lingo, and plenty of gossip. But there are women who adore him and have even created a fan club with sexy calendars(all for charity--the only way he agreed to take part), and I've even heard of women squealing during his classes and demo, like they do at rock concerts. Seriously. (Get a grip, people!)

Not only is he very fine craftsman, he also knows a great deal about broom mythology. For example did you know that for generations, brooms stood for many other things besides beauty and utility. A woman’s broom was thought to say a lot about her In the days of practicing wise women, brooms became a symbol of power and, yes, flight, but not the way we imagine it. Depending on where you lived in the world, and what spiritual tradition ascribed to, brooms were used to sweep good luck into the home and to sweep unpleasant energies out. If you were going to curse someone, you’d take your broom and sweep the unpleasant thoughts and energies into another person’s doorway.
If only it were that easy, right?
In any case, if you'd like to try your hand at making a simple heart broom, here’s a simple version of broom making that you can get creative as you want with—but these fun brooms are just for decoration.

What You'll Need:
For three broomsticks:

  • · Wooden dowel (1-inch diameter, 36 inches long)
  • · Tree branch (approximately 36 inches long)
  • · Bamboo branch (approximately 36 inches long)
  • · Acrylic paints (any color you like)
  • · Paintbrush
  • · Fine-grit sandpaper
  • · Willow twigs, bamboo, and decorative grass (for broom brushes)
  • · Three pieces of black, interfacing fabric: 2x10-inch strips.
  • · Raffia and twine
  • · Hot-glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
Paint the wooden dowel with acrylic paint; let dry. Sand with fine-grit sandpaper for a worn look.
Choose one of the broom brush materials (willow twigs, bamboo, decorative grasses) to go with each broom handle. For each broom, lay the brush material across one length of interfacing fabric so about 2 inches of brush material extends beyond the fabric. Hot-glue into place; let dry.
Wrap the interfacing end of the brush around the bottom of the broom handle (with the interfacing facing in), gluing into place as you wrap. Let dry.
Wrap raffia or twine several times around the top of each broom brush and glue into place.
You can get even more creative with these brooms by adding in flowers and herbs.

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