Thursday, September 15, 2016

Nikolai Vorshevsky here . . .

You haf not met me yet but I tell you I haf been chomping on the harness, as dey say, to make my debut here at Killer Characters.  I’m good friend and colleague of Julia Bonatti’s.  She is a vonderful astrologer and I ask her questions all the time!  I don’t haf same skills she does vith da stars,
but I can do other tings Julia can’t do. 

See, I’m a big TV star in the city.  I do exorcisms.  Dat’s right, you heard me.  I haf found dere are many young ladies who are in need of being exorcised. 

Don’ ask me vhy.  It chust is. 

So, vhen I realize dis, I put my show on one of dose local channels, you know, community access stuff, but now!  Wow!  Everybody wants to see my show. 

I have nice set, very mysterious, very creepy and I look da part.  I look terrific in my long purple robes and beard, very handsome if I say so myself!  I even look a little bit like dat other famous Russian guy.  

Den I ask the sweet young ting to lay on the bier and I relax her.  I tell her eyes are closing . . . closing . . . she is getting sleepier . . . and . . . sleepier and den, vhen I’m really sure, I tell dat stinky entity to get out of her body.  She twitches and screams and gets very excited.  

Is big shock vhen it happen.  Even da crew at the TV station vas gasping, they vere so shocked!  Once entity leave body of that poor girl, den she’s fine.  Everybody claps! 

I vish I had such luck at dat séance Julia arranged up on Telegraph Hill.  Not such good luck dere.  All the people were in confusion and upset and the old lady too.  I tought vith Zora, our medium, tings would go fine, but everybody got so vorked up and den dey broke the circle.

Bad ting to do, breaking dat circle.  Dangerous!  I varn ‘em but they didn’t listen.  So, who knows, maybe some real bad ting is still up there on Telegraph Hill now.  Ve’ll see . . .

Anyvay, you gotta catch my new show, no community access TV for Nikolai no more.  I am gonna be famous.  You can say you knew me vhen.  Even Julia vas impressed! 

You can read all about me in The Madness of Mercury, my first appearance in print.  I’m very excited.  Now I’ll be famous in a book too!
And if you like mysteries and like astrology, you can visit my author, Connie di Marco at her website, at Facebook and Twitter @askzodia too!


  1. Ran across your book at the library and enjoyed it so much. After reading your post, I just had to put a "hold" on it to read again, because some other lucky person has it checked out now. I want some more Julia stories, please!


    1. Hi Kim ~ My apologies, I didn't see your comment at the time! Actually I was at Bouchercon in New Orleans - the big annual mystery conference - the day you wrote. There will be more Julia stories, and I'm so glad you enjoyed The Madness of Mercury. The next Zodiac Mystery will come out in June 2017 (All Signs Point to Murder) where Julia is at it again -- getting in trouble and solving crimes. Thanks so much for writing!
      ~ Connie