Wednesday, October 5, 2016

She's Back! And This Time, She Has a Plan!

By Pepper Martin, from Casey Daniels’s Pepper Martin mystery series

Yes, yes, I know . . . it’s been a while.  In fact, it’s been a long while.  But the good news is I’m back, baby!  My newest adventure, “Graveyard Shift,” is already on store shelves in the UK and it will hit cyber and real shelves here in the US on January 1 so I figured it was time to check in and get re-acquainted.

You may remember something of my history.  I work at Garden View Cemetery here in Cleveland, and thanks to a Gift I’d love to return, I happen to be able to communicate with ghosts.  Yeah, I know you’re thinking cool, but you are definitely wrong.  Ghosts, see, always want something, and the something they want usually involves me in solving some sort of mystery and that means getting shot at, followed, chased, kidnapped . . . well, you get the picture.

“Graveyard Shift” is no exception.  It’s all about this famous Cleveland lawman and–

Well, I don’t want to give away the juiciest parts.  Not yet.  I do want to mention that the new book is coming out in hardcover.  Yes, I know that means it will be expensive. That’s why I’ve come up with a plan.  Here’s a form you can fill out and take to your local library.  Not that I ever go to libraries, but I hear they’re pretty cool about things like this.  You request a book, they order it.  Early orders are good for sales, sales are good for authors, and authors make sure that stories like mine keep getting told.

Copy and past, print it out.  Fill in the blanks, and we’re both good to go!

See you in January!

Library Patron Request

Please order a copy of the following book:

Title: Graveyard Shift 

Author: Casey Daniels

ISBN number:  978-0727886576

Publisher:  Severn House

My name is ______________________

my phone number is ______________

and my library card number is _________________________________


  1. Pepper, you're brilliant! Speaking as a retired librarian in another mystery series (written by a real life librarian), I can vouch for this being a great way for readers to support their favorite characters. In fact, I'm going to tell my author to hop to it and put in a request right now on her library's website. It's 5:17 a.m. and the library is closed, but the website is always open for requests. I'm running on here, but that's because I'm so danged excited to see you again. Welcome back!

  2. I have an easier way to ask my library to get a copy. They have their own form online and since I donate 30 or 40 books a year (once read or new and unread) I usually get my request approved easily. I'm looking forward to reading Pepper's new book the day it is released.

  3. Online request, yes...brilliant! Another way for readers to support the authors they love.

  4. Online request, yes...brilliant! Another way for readers to support the authors they love.

  5. Yea!! Just read a post on Facebook from Victoria Hamilton on the good news. I've checked back to see if there was anymore. So what a surprise. I get so upset when I'm reading a series and they don't have it. My library even belongs to a statewide libraries we have access to. Most of the books I get from there. I know our libraries are smaller. I would love to support the authors by buying their books but I don't have the income I had. I buy some e-books. I rather read paper though. So I read all of them at the library. Will find out how to ask and use your form. Thanks.

  6. YEAH!!! You made my day! I was recently lamenting the end of this series and I'm glad I was wrong. Love reading this series and to look forward to a new book is great news!! Congratulations to Casey for her hard work in keeping this series alive (and to her publisher too). thank you.

  7. Thank you both, Dawn and Mary Louise, for the kind words! I, too, was eager to tell more Pepper stories. Glad I had this opportunity.

  8. Hooray! Pepper is back! Hooray! I am thrilled. I missed the fun series.

  9. I'll ask mine, I ask for books every month and they buy them!

  10. Thank you all for supporting Pepper!

  11. I regularly send purchase requests to my local library when new titles are available in the (many) mystery series I enjoy reading. I blush to admit that up to this point Pepper's many adventures weren't among them. I will be taking out a stack of them this weekend to fix that problem, and have sent a pre-order request to the library for the newest adventure in January.