Thursday, October 20, 2016

To Treat or Not To Treat

By Ruth Clagan, from Clock and Dagger by Julianne Holmes

To treat or not to treat, that is the question. Living above my clock shop, The Cog & Sprocket, is usually a joy. Sure, it's a little crowded. And I bring my work home, since my work is my home. But I've created a wonderful little nest upstairs.

But what to do about Halloween? Do I give out treats or not? Should be a simple question, but it really isn't. Between you and I, Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I never enjoyed dressing up and going out to Trick or Treat as a kid. My parents weren't big fans either--we were always the box of raisins family.

Now I'm a resident of Orchard, though, so I need to decide what to do.

My big concern is not a small one. Will people come?  Most folks don't live in this part of town. The Corner Market will be open, but everyone else will be closed. Keeping the shop open with a big bowl of candy, and no one knocking on the door--how sad would that be?

Next option, going upstairs and hunkering down. But then, what to I do if someone knocks on the door? Run downstairs, turn off the alarms, turn on the lights? Yeesh, by the time I got to the door they'd probably be gone.

I could go over to the Reed's house. The Reeds LOVE Halloween. They turn their garage into a haunted house. Everyone gets dressed up. Moira invites me three times a day. Ben's going over to play a mad scientist. The fact that he is so excited about the whole thing and is already working on his costume gives me pause. Honestly, every time Nancy mentions the vampire costume she could alter for me, I shudder.

I suppose I should just suck it up, get some candy, bring a book down to the shop, and see what happens.

The answer is to treat.


  1. Yes, I think you should buy candy that you like so if no one comes, you can enjoy the leftovers. And if you take a book to read while you wait for someone to show up, you have not wasted and time. Sounds like a win/win to me!

    1. I do that every year--buy the candy I love. And buy it a week early, which means I have to buy a second bag. Then no one comes, so...