Wednesday, November 16, 2016

No Trespassing...we’re tired of hiding the bodies

Reagan Summerside here and I think I’m losing my mind...bodies are going missing! How can this happen? I misplace stuff all the time like my keys and where the heck is my purse, I always misplace my purse but a body takes misplacing stuff to a whole new level.

It all started when I was cutting through a back alley to get to Walker Boone’s house. We just got engaged so I was taking a shortcut to get to his place fast. I would like to say I was in a hurry because I missed him and I did miss him but the fact is I had questions. I needed to know where were we going to live and who would do the cooking and what kind of toothpaste were we going to use? But that’s another issue and right now there’s a missing body.

When I was cutting thought the alley there was a white Caddy with a body in the back. At first I thought the person in the back was maybe a tired old soul needing a place to take a nap but no one sleep with their eyes open, right?

I would have stuck around to take a better look but a big rat and bigger roach ganged up on me and I ran for it. When I bought Boone back to the car it was gone.

Okay, this is all pretty bad but what makes the situation worse is that I know who owns the Caddy. It belongs to the Abbott sisters who live next door to me. They are adorable retired school teachers who supplement their income by being Savannah’s fave professional mourners. No one can get a funeral weeping like the sisters.

So what should I do? Call the cops? What if the sisters are responsible for that body? Then they’d be arrested and I can’t have my neighbors in jail now can I? Not neighborly at all. Should I just forget the whole thing like Boone suggests? He says I’m on dead-body overload from tripping across them all the time.

Got any suggestions? What would you do if you found a body and then it went missing?

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  1. Make sure there are no footprints or anything to connect me to the area. Go a few blocks away. Use a public phone, disguise my voice, and report the body. Then pretend I know nothing. And if by chance they somehow connected it to me. I'd say. I did say something. They didn't believe me so we went to look. The body wasn't there when I went back for a second look, so I didn't think anyone would believe that I had seen it. Della at deepotter at peoplepc dot com

  2. Reminds me of the movie, "The Trouble With Harry", one of my favorite old movies.

  3. I havent got a clue but to run, lol. Is this a new release and if so when is it being released and better yet why cant I find it on Amazon,:)