Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Welcome to The Mystic Eye

I’m Cheryl, manager of The Mystic Eye, the best occult bookstore and shop in San Francisco, actually maybe anywhere on the West Coast.  We have everything any devotée of the occult or paranormal could ever wish for -- Tarot cards, jewelry, magical herbs, gargoyles and masks, image candles, incense.  I could go on and on but you get the picture.  Something for any palate or pocketbook, not to mention books on every subject under the sun.  And we have readers of all sorts – psychics, past life readers, Tarot practitioners, astrologers, you name it.

I was thrilled to get this job and even more excited now that I manage the shop.  It’s a big job and somedays are extremely busy, but I’m never bored and I’ve met so many fascinating people since I’ve started working here. 

The Mystic Eye saved my life.  I was married for most of my life and never had a real job or a profession.  When my husband dumped me, I was terrified.  I had no idea how I would ever survive.  So there I was, lost and alone and wandering around San Francisco.  I walked so much one day that my feet were sore and swollen, and that day on Broadway in North Beach, I just happened to see a HELP WANTED sign. 
I was pretty desperate.  I didn’t have a lot of options, so I decided to walk into the shop and ask about a job.  I never in a million years thought I would actually get it.  When I spoke to the owner, Gale, I was so nervous and upset, I burst into tears and ended up telling her my whole sad tale. 
She was wonderful!  She took me into her office, gave me a cup of coffee and offered me the job!  I was scared at first but I finally realized I had fallen into the perfect spot.  I am terribly grateful for my good luck. 

 I hope you’ll come visit us at The Mystic Eye, especially if we’re holding one of our psychic fairs.  We’re in North Beach in the 600 block of Broadway between Stockton and Columbus.  You can’t miss us.  Just look for the gorgeous display windows.  I get to decorate them myself.  You’ll meet me and the owner, Gale, and a lot of the eccentric characters who always hang out at The Mystic Eye. 
I hope you’ll stop by to visit us soon! 
You can read more about me in The Madness of Mercury and the upcoming All Signs Point to Murder (June 2017).
Best of all, you can meet Julia Bonatti, our favorite astrologer, and learn more about her fascinating craft at our author, Connie di Marco's website.  You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter @askzodia.
Hope to see you at the Eye very soon!


  1. When I read Madness of Mercury, I was astounded by the fresh concept and brilliant plot. I can hardly wait to read All Signs Point to Murder!

  2. Thank you, Barb, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed The Madness of Mercury! I just love writing about Julia and her adventures in San Francisco. Actually, I just discovered that All Signs Point to Murder is already up on Amazon, with the new cover. (There is another book by the same name, but it's much older.) Thanks for visiting today!

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