Thursday, February 16, 2017

Is it Summer yet?

Hi, Evie Bloomfield from the Cycle Path series. I’m here shivering my buns off in the frozen North. Actually it’s Mackinac Island and this year we are only sort of frozen for a change and I’m starting to think about summer.

Last summer we sure had out hands full around here with a murder up at the Grand Hotel. To keep the guests from freaking out and leaving and throwing the whole island into panic, we passed the affair off as murder weekend. And you know what, it worked!

We had guests at the Grand Hotel running around the island looking for clues that weren’t there and dredging up suspects who were totally innocent. The good thing was everyone thought this was all fun, the bad part was everyone kept getting in the way of finding the real killer.

I wonder what will happen this summer? Our fantastic police chief,
the hunky Nate Sutter, is on the run from a bunch of bad duds back in Detroit. He’s here on the island for a little R&R but we are all afraid the bad guys will track him down. Not only is he a good cop but he was undercover as a wedding planner and we’d sure hate to lose his expertise. No one sets up a wedding better than Nate.

People come to Mackinac Island for peace and quiet. With no cars that’s usually not a problem...except lately. Why are we suddenly having all these murders here? The locals say I’m to blame, that I’m a dead-body magnet. I don’t want to believe it but I have to admit this dead person thing did start when I moved to Mackinac from Chicago.

Are you some kind of magnet where things just seem to happen to you? Let me know what you do about it and I’ll give it a whirl.

Hugs, Reagan Summerside


  1. Things do happen to me but I try not to get too upset and just go with it.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

    1. Hi, Debby! We used to call my one daughter a bum magnet ‘cause every boyfriend she brought home was a total bum. Thank the Lord she got unmagnetized and marred a terrific guy. Hugs, Duffy

  2. I sometimes think if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all. My dad always said "its Murphy getting us" and he was talking about Murphy's Law.. yep it is soo true. (Lets just say he tempted fate when he was upset about a lot of bad things piling up at once, he got rid of the stuffed frog that he called Murphy.. and since then, Murphy has been out to get us ;)

  3. Mine is a weirdo magnet...and my Friends all laugh at it..

  4. I am glad to say that I've never been a magnet for anything. Being an introvert that tries to let life flow past is just fine with me.

  5. If someone has a story to tell, I am the person they tell. On airplanes, waiting in lines, even looking for an item in the grocery store. For a time, I thought I had some weird message written in invisible ink on my forehead. But, now, I know, evidently that is what God wants for me.

    Love your books.

  6. Love sher lock holmes