Saturday, February 18, 2017

Rory and Belated Valentine's Day

by Rory Chasen, superstition agnostic and pet store manager, whose adventures are memorialized in the Superstition Mysteries by Linda O. Johnston

Hello yet again.  I'm Rory Chasen.  I blogged here last month and couldn't resist returning this month, even though I'm a little late to talk about Valentine's Day, which occurred a few days ago.  But as you can imagine, it was a fun and crazy day here in Destiny, California, the home of superstitions.  Lots of hearts and roses and Valentine's cards and more.

I'd imagine that you recall I am a superstition agnostic, but I even though I don't necessarily believe in what brings good or bad luck, I do enjoy living in Destiny--most of the time--and learning more about what people think.

I said this last month, too, but in case you don't remember I've now been featured in three Superstition Mysteries: Lost Under A Ladder, Knock on Wood and Unlucky Charms.  With the help of my lucky black and white dog Pluckie I run the Lucky Dog Boutique in DestinyI've had to figure out who committed murders in each of them, and in the most recent one, Unlucky Charms, I was the main suspect.  Ugh.

Are you interested belatedly in a few Valentines superstitions?  In case you are, well... are you an unmarried woman, and did you happen to find a glove on the road on Valentine's Day?  If so, that means you're about to meet your future husband.

If that didn't work for you and you're still an unmarried woman, go visit a graveyard next year on Valentine's Day at midnight and you'll conjure up a vision of your husband-to-be.  Somehow that doesn't sound very romantic, though.

Also, the type of person you'll eventually fall for can be predicted by the type of bird you see on Valentine's Day.  For example, it's good to see a goldfinch, since you'll marry a millionaire.  But it's probably better to see a flock of doves, since that presages a happy, peaceful marriage.

So... remember these for next year.  And meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy 2017.  I will!  Valentine's Day or not, I'll continue to see Police Chief Justin Halbertson when I can...

UNLUCKY CHARMS, the third Superstition Mystery by Linda O. Johnston, was an October 2016 release from Midnight Ink


  1. Superstition old and new are always fun to read about. :-)

    1. They can also be fun to experience--as long as they result in good luck!

  2. Love the series but V day is very difficult and a cause of depression for many of us, to see it dragged out days later is just awful. Its a commercial driven day of retail spending and means nothing but single shaming and designed to put people down that are alone in life, its not funny and its not fun, its humiliating .